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Why My 30s Are Looking Better Than My 20s

IMG_2275I turn 30 this month! EEEEK! I am actually excited! My 20s have been good to me, but I think the next decade is looking really good! Here is why:

1. Sleep

Sleep has improved considerably for me lately. I still get an occasional nighttime wake-up call from my kiddos, but they are becoming more and more rare. And while sometimes every fiber of my body aches for another baby… the aching immediately stops when I think of the sleep deprivation one must endure with a baby. Sleep is good for my soul!

2. Financial Stability

We spent most of our 20s on a pretty tight budget, and I must say, it is starting to pay off. Am I going on crazy shopping sprees and buying whatever I want? No. But I think we are feeling more and more financially free. Do we still have a budget?! Heck yes! We will always have a budget. We will always have conversations about money. We will always do our best to be intentional with money. Always. Even if we win the lottery. Budgets are a must in this family!

3. Time

Even though we are a relatively busy family, I feel like I’m finding more time to breathe. I still have weeks where I feel really stressed out and overwhelmed, BUT, when you take changing diapers and sleep deprivation out of the equation, chaos and busyness are MUCH easier to deal with. I am also (kind of) learning to say no. I am a huge people lover and sometimes my chaos is self-induced. I think the hardest part is figuring out what to say no to—and accepting that you can’t be everything to everyone!

4. Body

Say what?! Whose body actually gets better with age?! Well, maybe not better… but thanks to more sleep, time, and financial stability, I have made fitness more of a priority. I am currently doing Farrell’s and am totally loving it. I am also running Dam to Dam and doing a Tough Mudder this year! So, cheers to fitness in my 30s!

I have also learned how to eat better, which truly makes a huge difference on your body! If you are working out and are still struggling to lose weight or to see a difference in your body, DEFINITELY look at what you are putting in your body! One thing that was huge for me is not the amount of food I was consuming but what I was consuming!

P.S. I must give my 20-something-year-old body a big SHOUT OUT for carrying my three beautiful babes! Thirties, you will not endure such events… unless God is giggling as I write this?! 🙂

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5. Family Vacations

We didn’t do a ton of family vacations (meaning just the five of us) in our 20s because it seemed complicated with nap schedules and a tight budget. A huge HOOORAH!! to you mommas who travel anywhere and everywhere with tiny babes! I hope to take a family vacation every year in my 30s! It doesn’t need to be extravagant—just good, intentional family bonding for the five of us!

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I would love to know—what has been your favorite age to be so far?!

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3 Responses to Why My 30s Are Looking Better Than My 20s

  1. Danielle @ The Domestic Four March 18, 2015 at 5:26 pm #

    I agree with EVERYTHING listed here! I’m at 32 and am very content with the current status of my family. 20s were a crazy whirlwind, amazing things happened (like babies and moves that brought many friends) but looking back it was all but a blur. Having three pretty self sufficient kidos is amazing and leaves some more time for me to take care of me! I know it won’t stay the same for long so I’m enjoying each day as it comes and looking forward to what our future holds!

  2. Nikki Sughrue March 26, 2015 at 8:13 pm #

    Wait until your 40s…seriously it is even cooler!!!


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