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Top 5 Wedding Gift Ideas for the Kitchen

Wedding season is upon us. As sure as the humidity of July is stifling, you’re bound to receive numerous invitations to summer weddings. Summer in the midwest means weddings, and weddings mean gifts (along with the obvious themes of love and lifelong commitment).

Not to sound incredibly shallow, but a large part of preparing to attend a wedding is finding the perfect gift. This can be an extremely time consuming experience if you are trying to find something that’s not only useful but also meaningful. However, if you’re only concerned with the usefulness of a gift, I may have a few suggestions for you. These gifts are all items to be used in the kitchen, or as I like to call it, the heart of the home.

Top 5 Wedding Gift Ideas for the Kitchen

As I was baking the other day, I was thinking about the super fantastic bakeware my husband bought me for Christmas last year. It is the most luscious bakeware known to mankind and has completely changed my life in the kitchen as I know it. The finish is akin to a fine silk dress and everything I make with it glides off with ease — and, I kid you not, there is no mess to scrub off… ever.

This got me thinking about the previous 14 years of baking for my family. There were muffin tins that had to soak for weeks before I could pry the final crust out of the corners (because let’s face it, who ALWAYS has muffin tin liners on hand?!). Brownies that mercilessly stuck to the bottom of the pan. As if breastfeeding an infant and learning how to be a parent wasn’t enough stress, there was always a piece of baking equipment mocking me from the sink as it soaked.

Well, no more, I tell you! I have seen the light, and by the powers vested in me, I shall make sure every other newlywed woman I come across has access to at least one lovely delicious piece of bakeware as well.

Let me introduce you to the William’s Sonoma Goldtouch Nonstick Bakeware (heavens open, angels sing, muffins pop)!


One piece of this bakeware could literally give the bride-to-be most every advantage in life. If you love the sister, get her a piece of this kitchen gold.

On the same note, I’ve come to realize how much an ALWAYS sharp knife means when prepping large quantities of food. Sharp knives = saved time. Not too long ago my mother-in-law gifted me a small set of these knives and I’ll never go back.

Check out Rada Cutlery, made in the USA!


Two of the best things about these knives are 1) they are not expensive, unlike other top of the line knife companies, and 2) this super simple sharpener. A knife is only as good as the sharpener and this couldn’t be any easier. I take these knives straight from the sink to the sharpener at least once a week. Slide it through the sharpener a few times before tucking it back in the drawer and VOILA! Super sharp every slice. No tricky sharpening rods that make you feel completely inept and incompetent. Yes, you can gift the confidence along with a set of knives. What newlywed couldn’t use a little confidence? Don’t forget the sharpener!!!

Another tool I’ve come to adore in my kitchen is this ‘Mix N’ Chop’ tool from Pampered Chef.

2583_enlargeThis little gizmo has revolutionized the way I deal with ground beef in my kitchen. I vividly remember in my earliest days of kitchen conquering, throwing a completely frozen pound of ground beef in a pan and slowly chipping away at the edges of it with a wooden spoon as it gradually browned itself inch by inch. I wish I could have gingerly handed this magic want to my young self (along with a few instructions on how to defrost meat) and watched as she breezed through dinner prep. Tie a nice ribbon around the handle with a recipe printed on a beautiful card like this from Design Neat Repeat, and presto! Easy peasy gift idea for a great price!

Next up… a Silpat mat. This changes everything baking. I come from a long line of baking aficionados. Cookies, cinnamon rolls, cakes, bars… you name it, we make it. When I was first married and made cinnamon rolls for my hubby, I rolled the dough out on a flour sack cloth. Did it work? Yup. Was it efficient? Nope. It was messy and gross.


A Silpat mat makes rolling and measuring dough a piece of cake (but it’s really still dough… not cake). Lightly floured, anything you throw on it comes off easily in the sink and no mess remains on your countertop. I even bought my generic Silpat mat at Aldi.

Finally, if your budget isn’t a question, let me recommend a VitaMix blender. We received a blender for our wedding that was barely able to crush ice. It went in a cupboard until I HAD to use it for something at one point, at which the motor promptly burned out and filled my kitchen with the smell of hot rubber. Donde.


Fast forward 13 years and my husband and I bit the bullet and bought the VitaMix. Worth every. single. penny. We literally use this puppy every single day whether it be for smoothies, soups, making flours (oat, almond, wheat), butters (almond, peanut), slushies, or homemade popsicle liquids. It is amazing and will not disappoint.

Hopefully some of these kitchen oriented gift ideas will help you in your quest to find the perfect wedding gift. I know if I would have received any of these as a new bride I would have been ELATED!

What are some favorite kitchen gifts you’ve given to newlyweds? I’m always looking for great ways to further increase my efficiency in the kitchen.

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