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It’s Time to Take Back Summer

take back summer for kids say no to busy

Moms, it is time to take back summer!

In the past, our family has always tried to do summer camps, take vacations, plan home improvement projects, and create epic summer memories. I have felt guilty if I don’t have an activity planned every day. Summer break continued to get busier and busier and eventually, it got away from us. By the time school started up again in the fall, I was tired.

So, since my husband and I both have the next three months off we have decided that this year we will just say no to all the sports, vacations, lessons, and appointments that we usually try to fit into our “time off.”

But how can we keep the kids busy on a hot summer day?

Old Fashion Tractor

Instead of playing little league baseball, we are going to go to the stadium, eat hot dogs and watch games.

Instead of swimming lessons, we will hang out at the pool as a family.

Instead of summer camp, we’re going to go camping!

We will grill on the patio, and let the kids play outside until bedtime.

This will be the summer of bicycle obstacle courses and neighborhood talent shows.

We’ll introduce the kids to the dull silence of fishing and the total exhilaration of finally seeing the bobber move.

We will run through sprinklers, have water balloon fights, and fly kites in the summer breeze.

The library will entertain us on, especially hot days.

Ice cream, slushies, and watermelon will fill our stomachs when we are craving a little afternoon snack.

We’ll know we’ve had a successful day because by the time the kids come inside for the evening they will be sticky from popsicles, they’ll have dirt under their fingernailsReading by the lake and sidewalk chalk will cover their clothes.

The summer will smell like sunscreen, grass, and pavement wet from the wading pool. I can’t wait to run my fingers through tangled sweaty hair and wash mud pie smudges off freckled little faces.

And when I finally lay my head on my pillow for the night, I will remember the carefree summers of my childhood. I will dream about the times my mom knew where I was by seeing my dog sitting on the neighbor’s porch. I will recall the sound of baseball games from the field across from my backyard. And if I listen very closely, maybe I will even hear the sparrows that sang outside my bedroom window every night.

What memory from your childhood would you like your children to relive?

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  1. Val - Corn, Beans, Pigs & Kids May 31, 2018 at 6:05 pm #

    Summer can get lost in the shuffle of “things” and it’s important to remember the important “things” 🙂

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