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Second Pregnancy and Baby: What You Do and Don’t Need

second pregnancyI’m pregnant with my second child, and this time around I’ve got it all figured out. Hahaha, JK!.

I have been searching my baby brain for those things I loved with my first pregnancy, and while we seem to have more than everything we need for baby #2, I’m wondering what I should upgrade. When you’re in a certain phase you think that is your life forever – fast forward four years and now I still have those late night freakouts that convince me the baby is coming and I’m not ready!

First, here are my must-have pregnancy items:

Prenatals. First pregnancy, I researched the best brand. Second pregnancy, show me the cheapest.

First trimester foods. This didn’t change much from the first pregnancy. I made frozen fruit cups (modified from this recipe), carried pretzels in my purse, had a basket of apples waiting at home and work, and water, water, water. 

snoogle pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy pillow, available on Amazon, $60

Pregnancy Pillow. I started wanting some support right away for this second pregnancy as early as 10 weeks. It may be in my head, but I love having that support on my belly while I sleep. This pregnancy pillow has been traveling around my group of friends – and I can’t wait to pass it back along again after this pregnancy!

Belly butter. I had really bad stretch marks with my first. It looks like I was attacked by a tiger. The doctor said they cannot be prevented, but you can help the itching and lessen their severity with cocoa butter. The most recommended was Palmer’s belly butter. I hate the smell of it, but rub it on once or twice a week, especially in the third trimester.

Support Band, available on Amazon for $20

Belly band. You could interpret this two ways. First, I got a band I could wear with my normal pants because there is a huge lack of professional maternity pants. That lasted up until now (23 weeks). New this time around I bought a support band to work out with. DEFINITELY wish I’d had that last time around – and I wish I could wear it all the time.

Journal. I’m one of those rare moms that loves to journal AND keeps up with it. I filled a pregnancy journal AND baby book for baby #1. So far, I’m able to keep up with baby #2. I even bought a Big Sibling book for my first to fill out with me. I loved anything that breaks things up into prompts for you.

Upgrades for baby #2

I definitely have a piece of mind this time around having all of the big baby basics – crib, breast pump, nursing chair, baby bath, high chair, play mats, etc.

Is this your first pregnancy? I found this list helpful. But, what should I upgrade for baby #2? What am I getting that I didn’t have last time? I canvassed some moms and here’s a helpful list:

What I’m getting this time around:

A nose freida. I was super grossed out at first, but after seeing so many brave moms rave about this, I’m game.

A better baby monitor. We got the cheapest one and I’ve hated it every day since we brought baby #1 home. Those video monitors look great – have any suggestions?

What moms said they got the second time around:

A better baby carrier. Almost every mom said they upgraded their baby carrier the second time around. I may be in the same boat as we have a bigger house this time around – that baby will be worn all day when I’m on leave.

Fisher Price Rock ‘N Play, available on Amazon, $47

Rock and play. A mom showed me hers when my first was a few days old. It looked wonderful but I never bought it.





What I didn’t need the first time:

50 bottles of baby shampoo. This was a result of all the baby showers. On the plus side, I have plenty leftover for baby #2.
A mobile. I bought it because it was pretty. Never used it. 

What I thought I didn’t need the first time and bought it frantically in first week:

Bottle warmer. During the first middle-of-the-night bottle feed, I got it.

I’m curious where your recommendations fall on this list. What did you wish you had? What did you sell right away? Or, what item have you always wanted to get but can’t get out of that routine?

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2 Responses to Second Pregnancy and Baby: What You Do and Don’t Need

  1. Becky September 28, 2017 at 7:45 pm #

    HI Niki! FYI The Mobile was Cece’s most favorite thing from like 6 weeks – 12 weeks. She would STARE at it and smile! Give it a chance! Good recs though. Also, how did you live without a rock ‘n play? BEST THING EVER!

  2. Niki Smith
    Niki Smith October 4, 2017 at 2:47 pm #

    Hey Becky! Glad to hear someone loved the mobile. Every mom and baby are so different. I remember Alan saying you thought Riley was your favorite baby on Instagram – well, Cece is DEFINITELY mine! LOVE. HER!

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