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Prudent Produce: This Local Company Delivers More Than Organic Produce

Prudent ProduceThis post is Sponsored by Prudent Produce – Central Iowa’s first and only LOCAL organic produce delivery service offering area families easy, convenient, and affordable produce and groceries.

I’ve shared why this works for our family and how it is a huge time, money and SANITY saver for this busy mama! That’s right. For THREE entire years, I have enjoyed my groceries simply showing up on my doorstep. I don’t have to pack my kids up. Wake them from a slumber. Drive around in the cold Iowa winter. Or fight the beloved battle for my little to drive the ginormous train cart at the store. I can’t tell you all the time, energy and stress this has saved me — not to mention it is important for us to know where our family’s food is coming from.

Locally Owned. Family Owned.

prudent produce angiePrudent Produce is located in Ankeny, Iowa and has delivered to central Iowa since 2010.

Their founder and owner Angie Laverty, is a life-long resident of Central Iowa. She has a Biology degree and has worked a number of years in the Seed Industry. She has experienced first hand the effects of profit-making conventional farming practices. She wants to be a part of a positive change that will better the individual, as well as, our world. Angie wants to share the numerous benefits of eating organic produce with busy families and Prudent allows her and her family to do just that.

I have to tell you that we feel like the Prudent team IS our family. We see them weekly and my daughter looks forward to that day. They know me and my children by name. They remember things like where we went on vacation last month and what activities my kids are involved in. That means a lot to us!

Prudent Produce bin

How It Works

The Process is truly simple. You click. Shop and Whalaa…a fancy little box of happy produce and groceries arrive at your doorstep.

Des Moines Moms Blog loves Prudent ProduceYou choose from three conveniently sized produce bins, the size that best suits your needs. Don’t stop with the fruits and veggies though! Prudent offers so many things in addition to organic produce including local meats, eggs, bread, pantry staples, oils/vinegars, sweets and more.

They pack your produce bin with fresh organically-grown fruits and vegetables and deliver it every week or every other week, depending on your desire. No need to be at home when they deliver, your produce will remain fresh for at least four hours in their produce bins.

The fruits and vegetables you receive week to week will vary, depending on what is seasonally available. Each Friday, they email us a “menu” of what will be in the following weeks produce bin. We are then free to make desired substitutions or exchanges so we receive the items we want and in the amounts we need. (You can even indicate your likes and dislikes so for those picky kiddos who don’t do kale, you simply find an alternative you like.)

I love receiving the weekly newsletter so I can hear where my food is coming from and what local farms and orchards Prudent is partnering with! They also have Recipes online to help your menu planning be successful.

Delivery Throughout Central Iowa

Prudent delivers all over Central Iowa. Counties include Polk, Warren, Dallas and Story but they are expanding their delivery area regularly.

Check your zip code here.

Community Giving

Prudent Produce believes in giving back to the community. Laverty states “It has been our mission and pleasure from day one to give back to the community.  Roughly 10% of our profits goes back into the community in the form of helping those in need and families with special situations.” A few examples where they have had the opportunity to give back are local area homeless shelters, church food banks, missions trips and so much more. We know how generous they have been with giveaways for our DMMB readers alone! 

50% off for New Customers

Use the promo code (Welcome) through the 16th of this month, for 50% off your first produce bin.*Applies to new customers only.

To get started, Sign Up online.

Connect With Prudent Produce

Check out the FAQ page to get your questions answered!

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  1. Tony Thompson April 1, 2017 at 11:44 am #

    Prudent Produce has joined forces with New Family Farm – located in Elkhart – in order to provide access to the freshest local foods while continuing to provide wonderful access to fruits and veggies that are not easily grown in Iowa. Hope you will check us out again!

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