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Lil’ Sidekick Review Plus a Giveaway and $5 Promo

Do you have a little one who is constantly “dropping” or throwing their toys, drink, silverware, or anything from their high chair, stroller, or exer-saucer? We do in our house, so I was given the opportunity to review the Lil’ Sidekick – an absolutely genius mommy invention created by Polk City mama Amy Vohs.

About Lil’ Sidekick

lil sidekick chairThe Lil’ Sidekick is a safe, simple solution that prevents a child from dropping or throwing items out of reach. The Lil’ Sidekick is different than anything I have seen out there before and truly makes your life as a parent easier!

The versatile design allows for attaching the Lil’ Sidekick to not only sippy cups, but to something as small as a crayon or silverware! The product is also super cute and colorful.

Lil' Sidekick PackagingI loved that the Lil’ Sidekick was so easy to clean. Sticky hands left lots of sticky residue that wiped clean without hard scrubbing. I also loved how easy it was to hook and unhook from the high chair, so transitioning it from home to on-the-go was much easier. The same design for hooking the Lil’ Sidekick to a high chair is also what is used to connect the product to your sippy cup. It was super easy to secure the product, but was not easy enough for my one year old to take it apart.

Lil' Sidekick Review4I did have some minor issues with the Lil’ Sidekick shortening in length when I had a wider sippy cup. The wider the cup, the shorter the product is. Amelia would get frustrated when she couldn’t get the sippy cup as high as she wanted. The other sippy cup situation I had was having an in-between size cup that I couldn’t quite get the Lil’ Sidekick tight enough around or it was too loose. The product does stretch a bit and I was nervous to pull it too tight. (I was not nervous the product would break, only that I wouldn’t be able to unhook from the cup).  Neither of these situations would stop me from purchasing another Lil’ Sidekick! In fact, my biggest issue was that I didn’t have another one! I am loving this product!! Now, if only someone would invent a product to keep the food on my daughters plate…

Lil' Sidekick Review1.JPGConnect With Lil’ Sidekick and Where to Buy

Connect with Lil’ Sidekick on Facebook, Twitter, and check out the website here.

You can purchase direct off their website, but also in these local stores: Prairie Trail Hy-vee in Ankeny, The Pumpkin Patch in Ames, as well as Suite Dreams in Clive. BONUS!! Suite Dreams is offering a promotion if you purchase a Lil’ Sidekick you will also receive $5 off your next purchase!

lil sidekick options

The Giveaway

Our readers are in luck!! Amy is giving away a Lil’ Sidekick to one DMMB reader.

Contest begins 11pm Friday, March 7th and ends at 11pm Friday, March 14th.


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2 Responses to Lil’ Sidekick Review Plus a Giveaway and $5 Promo

  1. kristin williams March 8, 2014 at 4:53 pm #

    I need this!!!!

  2. Sarah Farnsworth
    Sarah Farnsworth March 9, 2014 at 6:19 am #

    this is absolutely GENIUS!! i love it! i don’t have a need for it as my kiddo is older but can’t wait to buy as gifts!

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