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Learning in 2015

Last year I wrote about how I had chosen my word of the year to be Dance. I wanted to slow down and not stress the small stuff. Much harder than I could imagine – however, I feel I was successful in stopping and smelling the roses. I was able to live and laugh with the kids.

LearnThis year I am selecting the word LEARN. I want to expand on what I know how to do. I want to take opportunities I would otherwise say no to. Recently, Tessa and I went to the remake of Annie. In the movie Annie says, “Any time you say No it is because you are scared to say Yes.” It got me thinking about how many times I have looked away from an opportunity to try something because I was scared (consciously or subconsciously).

I have started to compile a list of things that I want to try, classes I want look in to.

Here are my top 10 things I want to learn in 2015:

  1. Take a cooking class with my husband
  2. Make a quilt (I somewhat know how to sew – but this will take some research)
  3. Shoot a gun and shoot a bow and arrow
  4. Canning vegetables
  5. More fun card games to play with friends
  6. (re-)Learn how to knit
  7. Bake from scratch (especially various types of bread)
  8. How to correctly use my fancy camera and editing software
  9. Yoga
  10. Brush up on my Spanish
  11. BONUS ITEM: Getting certified in Project Management

What fun things are you looking to learn in 2015?

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