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Hyvee: Making Families Lives Easier. Healthier. Happier with Kids Eat Free Nights

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This post is Sponsored by Hy-Vee – making lives easier, healthier, happier.

As busy moms, meals are a huge part of our days. We plan. We grocery shop. We prep. We chop. We execute. And every night, dinner must be served. So it shouldn’t be such a surprise when dinner time rolls around.

Want to know your solution for your busy life? Hy-Vee. This heavenly establishment offers a myriad of solutions for the busy mom.

Hy-Vee offers several online resources like Recipes. Weekly Menus. Budget Friendly Meals. Plus stores offer various Kid friendly activities and events.

They offer Online Grocery Shopping and Curbside Pickup and we’ve told you how much we love it in our series of 3 posts:

All those things are amazing and make life grand. But I think you’ll agree that Moms need a break some nights. Moms deserve a break some (EVERY) night. Moms sometimes want one less thing to think about. Moms sometimes want to let someone else cook so she can kiss chubby baby cheeks. Or have the opportunity to get out of the house so she can 1) look at her kids instead of run around the kitchen ten times while the actual meal is happening and 2) not have to clean up.

That said, here are two more ways Hy-Vee makes your life easier, healthier and happier:

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1. Market Grille Curbside Pickup.

Place your order online and pull up to a designated Curbside parking stall and they’ll deliver your order right to your car window. Think fast food but with a healthy meal that includes the four food groups.

2. Tuesday Nights Kids Eat Free in the Market Grille. 

You read that right! Kids Eat Free on Tuesday nights in area Hyvee Market Grilles. They have to order off the Café Menu and order off the kids menu to get the free meal but this is a steal, friends! How’s that for making life easier. healthier. happier? 

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Kids Eat Free Nights at Multiple Market Grille Locations

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Our Family’s Experience

hyvee clareWe recently tried the Market Grille for the first time at the new Ankey Prairie Trail Hy-Vee and my daughter loved it! I was super impressed with the service and loved being able to sit down and enjoy a meal and simply hold my babe and laugh with my family! The environment was classy, relaxing, and there were a ton of options on the menu.

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This post was Sponsored by Hy-Vee. All opinions expressed are my own.

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