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You Need a Will: Hope Wood’s Will in a Day Program

I remember vividly the tongue lashing I received from my friend, a former paralegal, who found out I didn’t have a will. Kara!! Do you want the state to be make the decisions about the care of your children? Do you know the horrors of trying to litigate parental rights when there is no will present?  Right. I was appropriately scarred.

When parents are faced with the tough decision of who will care for their children and what will happen to those children if the parents are gone, it’s best not to leave important decision to a judge. Hope Wood JD, has a remarkable Will in a Day program to ensure that your last wishes and estate plans are carried out by the law.

Hope Wood's Will in a day

Will in a Day Program

Building your will doesn’t have to be a long and drawn-out process. If you can commit to a bit of homework ahead of time, Hope will meet with you and put together your will for your family in two and a half hours. TWO AND A HALF HOURS. There are Lord of the Ring movies that are longer than that.

The Will in a Day program includes:

  1. A comprehensive estate planning discussion.
  2. A last will and testament for you, and if married, for your spouse.
  3. A testamentary trust if you have children under age 18.
  4. Power of Attorney for Healthcare
  5. Living Will

Estimated Fees:

  • Single person with no children or adult children – $200.
  • Single person with minor children – $350.
  • Married with no children or adult children- $350.
  • Married with minor children – $500.
  • Married with children from prior marriage – $650.
  • Other – request a quote for a living trust, special needs trusts or medicaid planning

That definitely sounds like the easiest way to put together a will. All you have to do is complete the preliminary pre-meeting questionnaire, commit two and a half hours to meet together and pay at the time of your appointment. Simple!

About Hope Wood JD

Hope’s first profession was health and fitness management. Hope made the decision to go to law school because the practice of law requires conflict resolution, advocacy and solving problems – all things she excels at a professional level. At the age of 31, Hope moved back to Iowa with her husband and started law school at Drake University while caring for their eight-week old son (talk about excelling at multi-tasking!!) Hope credits her son’s birth to helping her stay focused on their family and being the reason for finding a healthy work-life balance.Hope Wood family Will in a Day

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You can find Hope at 505 5th Ave. Suite 535, Des Moines IA 50309 and reach her at 515-650-1532

Hope Wood Will in a DayTake the next step in preparing for your future by scheduling time with Hope Wood’s today and setting up your Will in a Day!

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