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Toddler Professions

Toddler Professions | Des Moines Moms Blog

Toddlers seem ready for the work force at a bright young age of two or three. Below are some possible professions that my almost four-year-old has mastered in the last two years.

Olympic Track Athlete

Long or short distance runner, or shot put — take your pick. Present child with a task and they either hightail it away from you as fast as possible, or launch the object of the task across the room.


Stealth mode is on at all times. They can sneak up on you with quiet agility you didn’t know existed. They move through the dead of night without disturbing anyone. Usually the task is to stand by your bed in the dead of night until you wake.


Anyone with a toddler or near a toddler knows they have skills. Stalling is a tactic all toddlers are equipped with, and they use well.

toddler food criticFood Critic

Taste buds of any toddler are unique. Food that was amazing today is trash tomorrow. And they can identify a trace amount of vegetables no matter how well disguised with cheese.

Demolition Experts

A well kept room can be torn apart and destroyed in no time.

Stunt Coordinator

Jumping from chairs and coffee tables or climbing up any obstacle in their way, nothing will stop a toddler from being dangerous.


All toddlers have super instincts to not do what you want them to do. Bending into crazy positions or going completely limp when trying to put them in a car seat are amazing talents.

toddler_professions_1Band-Aid Tester

Band-aids seem to go fast when a toddler is around. Bloody scrapped knee? Covered. Tiny scratch that barely cut the skin? Covered. Invisible bump that only toddler eyesight can spot? Covered.

What other professions have your kiddos managed to master at a young age?

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