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Tips for Planning A Babymoon

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Ah, babymoon – the last hurrah for you and your significant other before you’re tied down to that adorable new bundle of joy. I’m not sure the term “babymoon” has been around too terribly long, but I certainly appreciate the notion.

My husband and I went on nice, relaxing babymoons each time I was pregnant with our kiddos. With my oldest, in 2013, we took a great trip to the La Jolla/San Diego area. It was warm and serene, and we loved it. It was a great bonding experience for us as a married couple before we were thrown into the world of having a newborn (which was another great bonding experience, of course). 

This spring, we traveled to Niagara Falls and Toronto, Canada. We had family members take care of our daughter while we were gone. We went north for this one as to avoid Zika! It was beautiful up there – highly recommended.

planning a babymoon | Des Moines Moms Blog

Rocking the bump at the beach!

Having two babymoons under my belt, here are my best tips for booking and taking one of your own!

Timing is key. Most doctors and articles I’ve read most recommend travel during the second trimester. You’ll (hopefully) be over your morning sickness at that point and not be as uncomfortable as you might be in your third trimester. You also won’t be as likely to go into labor.

Let’s all agree – the second trimester is the best chance for feeling your best! If you are flying, most airlines let you fly up to around 36 weeks. Try to move around on the plane or wear compression socks to avoid blood clots. And, stay hydrated! Note: Cruises have more restrictions. Check out their requirements before booking.

Research the best location. Babymoons come in all shapes and sizes. Things like budget, other kids at home, and work flexibility might dictate some parts of your trip. Decide what works for you and your family! A nice cabin rental in the woods within driving distance might be nice. Or, maybe you want to fly off to an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean. If you’ve been saving up, maybe Europe could be a great escape before baby. You do you!

Avoid risky areas and activities. As I said, we would have loved to go to the Bahamas or something, but I was a little worried about the Zika virus. Check to make sure the area you may travel is safe for pregnant women. Not only do you probably want to avoid areas with diseases such as Zika, but high-risk activities like amusement park rides, horseback riding, etc. are not recommended. You know your body – don’t overdo it.

Take medical records/insurance cards. When we went to Canada, I didn’t want to take any chances. I asked my doctor to print copies of my medical records from throughout this pregnancy in case anything happened while I was out of the country. We made extra sure to bring our health insurance cards as well. Make sure your OB/GYN approves of this trip, too!

Pack smart. You’ll want to wear your comfiest clothes and shoes since you will be sitting in a plane or car for a long period of time. If you’re going somewhere warm, treat yourself to a nice maternity swimsuit. I recently splurged on an adorable one-piece at Motherhood Maternity. It’s great – I didn’t even have to suck in at the pool. Ha!

Relax and enjoy yourselves! I would recommend not booking a lot of tours or activities. Book a few, but save time for some long meals, relaxing on the beach or balcony, and truly embracing each other’s company. And, seriously – nap and sleep in!!! It may be awhile before you get to do that again😊

niagara falls babymoon

Getting soaked next to the falls (very slow-moving boat – don’t worry).

Where are you headed on your babymoon (or where have you gone)?


As I approach the birth of my second kiddo, I am stepping down as a regular contributor to DMMB. It has been such an honor to get to know the amazing blog team and to engage with the blog’s readers!

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