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Summer Fun: Outdoor Family Activities with Theisen’s

Theisens Summer Fun Family ActivitiesOur Carhartt coats are officially put away and it’s (FINALLY) time to dive into summer! How do you entice your kids to get out of the AC and into the backyard?

You can find everything you need for outdoor family fun at Theisen’s. They seriously have everything – Yetis, fishing poles, camping supplies, a great pet section, clothes, go karts, kayaks, and even John Deere car mats.

Theisen’s is my go-to for kids’ farm toys and guys’ gifts. It’s the perfect place for a summer-fun shopping trip with my six-year-old son.

Theisens Summer Fun Family activitiesHe loves Theisen’s because they have free popcorn and spring baby chicks. Of course, my husband sent me with his list, too: lawn fertilizer, dog food, and ant killer.

Here are 6 ideas to get your backyard ready for summer fun.

Thanks to Theisen’s our backyard is now ready for hours of summer fun that keeps us close to home!

Mark the Lawn: If you’re not super particular about your lawn, marking spray is a must-have for summer. Spray marks for outdoor twister or chess, or a home plate for batting practice. Spray a square to toss bags in for an easier version of corn hole and my favorite, bases for kickball! Kickball rocks because the entire family can play, and this Melissa and Doug ball is too cute. A warning on the lawn spray: do not let your six-year-old find it or you’ll have a really interesting lawn. We know this from experience. But, luckily, grass grows!

Brighten Someone’s Day: Sidewalk chalk is another activity that keeps kids’ attention and this 60-piece set has every color they could imagine. Let them decorate a neighbor’s driveway (checking with them first, of course!). Older folks especially love this! Not only do they get to watch your kids create, they get to enjoy the colorful artwork until the next rainstorm. This would be really fun at a local retirement home for both your kids and the residents. 

Creature Exploring: Give your kids a list of creatures to find in a park or your backyard. This Melissa and Doug Bug House is the perfect keeper for all the creepy crawlies. Nets are helpful for the things with wings! This three pack is nice because kids can share the bug house but each have their own net. If you have a pond nearby for fishing or frog hunting, the nets are perfect for that, too! Once kids find the creatures on their list, reward them with an ice cream picnic in the backyard and share a few facts about the creatures they found.

Bubble, Bubble: Gazillion Bubbles are a summer staple. Good for all ages, a perfect go-to when the kids are getting a little antsy and they can do it by themselves. Take it up a notch with a bubble gun. You can also put a bit of watercolor paint in the bubbles. Blow them on to watercolor paper, and it’s an instant art project!

Squirt Guns and Water Balloons: Theisen’s sells a Bunch-o-Balloons pack for $20 that has two squirt guns and 140 self-tying water balloons. Fill up the balloons and let the kids go crazy. The balloons are biodegradable and YOU DON’T HAVE TO TIE THEM. Genius! The squirt guns are easy to use, pack just enough punch, and squirt up to 30 feet. Our boys love chasing and squirting the dog – she likes it, too. You can also tint the water with paint and have them squirt paper – more artwork!

Tiny Animal Scavenger Hunt: Theisen’s has the absolute best collection of little toy animals. Schleich is the brand that comes in our Christmas stockings to fill our toy barn. But, for a backyard scavenger hunt, the Toob packs have a dozen animals that are a bit cheaper (you know, in case the kids don’t find them all and you forget where you hid them). Pick a pack and hide them all over the yard. When they find all the tiny animals, you can talk about their features.

What are your favorite backyard activities for summer fun? 

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