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The Do’s and Don’ts of Being Pregnant

The Do's and Don'ts of Being Pregnant

Bump #4!

We are still trying to come up with words to express how completely blissed out we are that we are expecting our fourth baby in October! In February, we were able to read two pink lines on that infamous stick. Then, on June 15, we saw our perfect little bundle “on the TV” (as Drake announced) and found out if baby was a brother or sister; and the next day we did a fun gender reveal with friends to announce that “It’s a GIRL!”

This pregnancy is flying by, as we are already past the halfway mark in the countdown to meeting this sweet baby girl. Her sisters and brother are anxious to meet her and snuggle her and poke her (let’s just be honest…). She is in for a world full of adoration when she makes her debut!

We are overwhelmed in the best possible way that we have been blessed with another baby! However, this pregnancy has been SO different compared to my other three. If anything, because I am now a pregnant mom to three energetic children! Also, it’s my first pregnancy that I’ll be kinda large through most of the summer. This is the oldest I have ever been pregnant (obviously). This is the first baby who will come home to a house, not a rental. And so much more.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts that I have learned with this pregnancy. Not sound, medical advice — just some things to consider while you are pregnant.


…make all of the regular well-child/school physical/insurance physical doctor’s visits for everyone else BEFORE baby’s due date. Hauling all three grown children to the doctor is enough work without the worry of baby’s feeding/sleeping schedule. Do it now, while you still have two free hands!

The Do's and Don'ts of Being Pregnant

…plan a girls trip with your mom friends BEFORE that sweet baby comes. You will miss the interaction and time to just hang out after baby comes. Do yourself a favor and make this a must.

The Do's and Don'ts of Being Pregnant

…drink tons and tons of water! This actually is medical advice. That little babe needs a lot of water in there and it will take whatever you put in — and then you get the leftovers. Especially during the summer, be sure to stay hydrated to feel your best and to keep those Braxton Hicks contractions at bay!

…snuggle your kiddos as much as possible right now. Go on, go do it! Even if it seems impossible to squeeze that bump between you and your kids right now, it will be even harder to hold a newborn and let the three-year-old climb up on your lap — especially if you are still healing from giving birth! Snuggle them now while that babe is protected inside you.

The Do's and Don'ts of Being Pregnant


…or maybe you’re like us and you DO…start home improvement projects in the middle of your pregnancy. We are currently finishing our basement. While it has gone well and we are excited to see the finished project, it is killing me that I can’t help as much as I want to. The lifting, the loud noises for baby, the bending….

The Do's and Don'ts of Being Pregnant

…overdo it! This one is such a balance. While I firmly believe that every day is a new day to make a memory with your kids, as a pregnant woman, you also need to recognize your limits. Ask my girls. I have rested every weekday afternoon during this pregnancy. They have been left to their books, tablets, and the Wii for at least an hour every weekday while Drake and I rest. And I am totally fine with that as it gives me energy to create memories before and after my nap!

…miss out. We plan outings and play dates and trips to grandparents’ as often as the budget allows. Life will change so much when we welcome Sister into the world, and I keep thinking how different next summer will look. I don’t want to have any regrets about not being present this summer just because I felt huge, my cankles were showing, or my swimsuit cries every time I squeeze into it.

The Do's and Don'ts of Being Pregnant

…forget that your kids are keenly aware of every thing you say, do, and feel during this pregnancy. It’s totally fine and normal to have concerns and doubts about adding another bundle to your family, but do your best to reassure your children that you are still their mama and that everything will be more than fine. Celebrate the excitement and cautiously discuss the fears you all have of bringing home a baby. My oldest is a pro at welcoming new babies, but even she has expressed some concerns. Be available to listen to those concerns and talk through them. Open that line of communication. You will be thankful you did.

The Do's and Don'ts of Being Pregnant

What have you learned throughout your pregnancies? What do’s and don’ts would you add to the list?

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