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Tales of an Uncrafty Mom

This post is part 1 of 3 in the series Summer Crafts with Kids.

Tales of an Un-Crafty MomI have a confession to make. I’m an uncrafty mom. What does this mean? It means I lack the arts and craft gene. Sure, I am a teacher, so you’d think I have a bag of tricks with glitter, paper, and all things crafty always ready to go. Nope. I’m a high school teacher, so we don’t really craft. But I wanted to do something with my two-year-old this summer. With a newborn at home, I thought we should have a time when we can connect and create.

I didn’t know where to start. I looked on Pinterest. While, I found a lot of cool projects, I thought I would be spending a lot of money for one craft. If I had several children, it would make sense, but with just one, I was looking for some things we could do multiple projects with without spending a ton of money. I headed to Target to see what I could find.

After wandering the aisles, I found a very cool kit from Creatify that included a lot of the things I was looking for. There were pipe cleaners, glitter, sticks, and pom-poms all put together in a theme. I got the Animal Instinct kit, but there were several different options. I also got some glue sticks, construction paper, and finger paints. And we were ready for our first crafting project. Plus, the Creatify website has a lot of inspiration and project ideas.

Sam, my two-year–old, was very excited to get going. First, we looked in our kit to see all that we had. He loved the googly eyes and made a little animal on a stick. He had fun bending the pipe cleaners and rolling the pom-poms in his hand and on his face. We barely used any of the kit on our first craft day, so we have plenty to use the rest of the summer.

Tales of an Uncrafty Mom

Next, we painted. I got Sam a couple pieces of construction paper and a plate with the finger paints. I showed him how to paint with his fingers and he was off. I did have to tell him one time to “not eat the paint” as I saw a finger covered in blue paint making its way to his mouth. We used a few things from around the house to paint with as well, including an empty toilet paper roll. He was so proud of his creations that he promptly showed my husband and his sister.

Now, I know a lot of moms are very well versed arts and crafters and I’m jealous. I will say that I’m excited to try a few new things this summer with Sam. I’m not scared anymore of the mess we will make or the end product. I know that we are making memories together and that is all that matters.

What arts and crafts supplies or projects can you recommend? Please share your ideas!

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