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A Thank You to the Other Woman in My Kids’ Lives

Here’s a confession: I am the jealous type. I’ve worked hard as an adult to stop comparing myself to others. To recognize that happiness and love are not finite resources. To delight when another’s light shines, secure in the understanding that theirs doesn’t diminish my own. That kind of heart work does not come easy, […]

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Meet Jessie Todd | Des Moines Moms Blog

Meet Jessie Todd

Hello! My name is Jessie Todd, and I’m so excited to be adding my voice to the chorus of dedicated writers on the Des Moines Moms Blog. A storyteller by nature, I love nothing more than communicating through narrative. Reading about other mom’s experiences on Des Moines Moms Blog helps me feel connected to our […]

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5 Tips for the Working Mom | Des Moines Moms Blog

5 Tips for the Working Mom

I’ve been working full-time since I graduated from Iowa State University. I worked through graduate school and through babies number one and number two. Although there are certainly times when I feel like I am furiously trying to keep my head just above the water, I am now almost six years in of juggling motherhood and career. […]

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168 Hours: One Working Mom’s Time Study

Remember that one time I made a schedule and then the baby got sick and stopped sleeping and the toddler, who is a very stop-and-smell-the-roses type of child (bless her soul), decided picking flowers was more important than, say, getting anywhere on time? And the schedule laughed in my face and I had to be flexible yet again. […]

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