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Autism Awareness Part 2: Supports and Resources | Des Moines Moms Blog

Autism Awareness Part 2: Supports and Resources

As a continuation to Autism Awareness Part 1: Living a Life Unknown, and driving Autism Awareness, I wanted to offer in this post a source of supports and resources that have minimized our son from the anxiety and behavioral problems that have resulted from his fear and anxiety and inability to see the world as we see […]

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Meet Jackie Strawn | Des Moines Moms Blog

Meet Jackie Strawn

Hi, Des Moines mamas! I’m Jackie, and I’m so excited to be back with Des Moines Moms Blog. I started contributing with the blog about two and a half years ago as the play date coordinator. After some time off, I’m beyond thankful to be part of the team again and give back to this community […]

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Noonan Syndrome Awareness Month: Parker's Story

Noonan Syndrome Awareness Month: Parker’s Story

Happy February… or as it’s referred to in our house, Happy Noonan Syndrome Awareness Month. Show of hands who has ever heard of Noonan Syndrome (NS)? I’m guessing not many hands are up right now. NS is nicknamed “The Most Common Rare Syndrome You’ve Never Heard Of.” It takes second place only to Downs Syndrome. […]

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courage league logo

Courage League Sports: Where Every Kid Deserves to Play

We’re so honored to introduce you to Courage League Sports of Iowa. This amazing organization opened last fall in Urbandale and offers year-round adaptive and recreational opportunities to our community families. About Courage League Sports Courage League Sports is a recreational adaptive sports facility specifically designed for children age 2-22 not able to go “full speed” […]

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What you can do: Helping grieving or hurting mommies. Part 1

When my first son was born with life-threatening medical complications, our lives soon became a tailspin of hospital stays, surgeries, medical equipment, therapy sessions, insurance phone calls, and a host of medical terminology that I could barely pronounce. I realize that a majority of you reading this post have probably not experienced caring for a […]

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