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Mercy Pregnancy and Birthing Classes

Pregnancy and Birthing Classes: an Education for Two!

Pregnancy and birthing classes: What you and your partner can learn Having a baby and not sure where to start? Consider Mercy’s educational classes! All of the classes are personalized, interactive, and taught by certified childbirth educators. Their comprehensive curriculum is designed so you can participate in an array of classes – free of charge – from the […]

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My 8 Favorite Parenting Resources

As a parent, I’ll take all the help I can get. Although listening to my intuition is certainly crucial, I’ve found a lot of comfort and gained a lot of knowledge from books, blogs, and DVDs. Here are the eight resources I loved and recommend to new moms! 1. Babywise. I know this book and its authors […]

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Mom of Three

10 Tips for an Expecting Mom

Congratulations to you, Mommy-to-be!! Your stomach is growing in size, your legs are sore and swollen, you don’t sleep and you pee all the time; but BLESSED are you because you are growing a human being!! How amazing is that? Having had three babies myself I thought I would humbly offer 10 tips for you. […]

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