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13 classic toys for kids

13 Classic Toys I’m NOT Throwing Out

It’s that time of year, when many of us are trying to clean out and re-organize our children’s toys and games after the holidays. With four kids, birthdays close to Christmas, and generous grandparents, our family has quite a pile of toys to manage. We know this is a good problem to have, but we […]

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5 Tips for the Working Mom | Des Moines Moms Blog

5 Tips for the Working Mom

I’ve been working full-time since I graduated from Iowa State University. I worked through graduate school and through babies number one and number two. Although there are certainly times when I feel like I am furiously trying to keep my head just above the water, I am now almost six years in of juggling motherhood and career. […]

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The birthday girl and her goodies!

Birthday Party Blues

Am I the only mother out there who genuinely DISLIKES planning their children’s birthday parties?  The mere thought of it puts me into panic mode…food, guest list (and hopefully not hurt feelings in the process), invitations, decorations, let’s not forget the money it will cost.  Gosh, these birthday parties are starting to feel like small […]

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Thirty-one Gifts – Giveaway

For many of us, ringing in the new year also brings the resolve to make new resolutions. Getting organized is on the top of many of our lists, especially when we need to make room for all the new things that Santa brought us and put away all that holiday decor. Add that to all the […]

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