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Should You Delay Your Baby’s First Bath?

Changing practices: should you delay your baby’s first bath? For a long time, there was nothing new in the field of newborn baby care. We followed the policies that were tried and true, built over many decades of newborns. For the most part, these traditions led to a scientific and sterile birth experience. Some of […]

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Dear Nurse Katie | Des Moines Moms Blog

Dear Nurse Katie

Dear Nurse Katie, I owe you a thank you. A big thank you. Actually, two very big thank yous. The first thank you is for my Marcus. He’s six now. Yes, SIX! I remember a lot about the day he was born. It was a Tuesday. The spring sun shined through the window. My husband […]

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Twins: How to Prepare and Survive the First Year

Twins: How to Prepare and Survive the First Year

I spent the night of September 15 with tears streaming down my face. I was holding our last baby — MY last baby — on the eve of her first birthday. In addition to the usual “oh-my-gosh-my-baby-is-getting-older-where-has-the-time-gone” feelings, I was also feeling something that I think most mothers of almost-one-year-olds do not feel. I was […]

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HALO Safe Sleep Initiative & Product Review

September is Baby Safety Month so I thought it was appropriate to share one of my favorite baby products – HALO SleepSacks! A Must-Have Baby Item An expecting mama is given oh so many pieces of advice early on in her pregnancy. While figuring out everything she could possibly want and need on her registry, […]

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