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When Parenting Feels Lonely | Des Moines Moms Blog

When Parenting Feels Lonely

I have a wonderful, hardworking husband. A sweet, caring, and beautiful little toddler girl. A baby on the way. Kindhearted, generous friends. Supportive and friendly co-workers. And yet. It can be so easy to feel alone sometimes. I can’t use the restroom without my daughter tagging along, and I have very little time to myself […]

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You Are Good Enough | Des Moines Moms Blog

You Are Good Enough

There are times when I question myself. I question my ability to parent, to teach, to be a good wife and a good daughter. Sometimes I see friends on social media who are doing it all and being it all. They are outstanding in ways I am not (or so it looks that way). I […]

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Mom Guilt.

Mom Guilt.

Mom guilt. It is a real thing. We stay awake questioning many steps throughout our day trying to shake the feeling we did something wrong (even if we know we didn’t). We second guess decisions when other moms challenge our stance. Lots of subjects are hot topics for inducing mom guilt. And it can come from […]

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