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Saying Goodbye- Mom at a Crossroads

Mom at a Crossroads: As You Say Goodbye to Each Stage of Motherhood

No matter what stage of life you are in as a mom, there are so many times or situations in life you find yourself saying goodbye. Goodbye to the last time being pregnant. Farewell to the last time you will change a diaper. No more sweet smelling babies, and off to the terrible twos and threes. Saying goodbye as your baby […]

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sacred heart school des moines

Featured Business Highlight: Sacred Heart School

This featured business post was brought to you by Sacred Heart School. Now learn more about one mom’s story and why she has chosen to send her three children to Sacred Heart School.  “Why do you send your kids to a Catholic school?” It’s a question I’ve been asked many times by friends or even acquaintances as […]

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Dear Daycare

Dear Daycare

Dear Daycare, It is time for us to part ways because my son is old now. Every time you’ve told us it was time for my tiny son to move up from the one-year-old room to the two’s, to the three’s, to the four’s, I’ve had a bit of a panic attack. Over time, you’ve […]

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I Miss My Kindergartner!

My sweet first born is in KINDERGARTEN! Seriously, how does that even happen? I swear I was just changing his newborn diapers, nursing him and then snuggling with him before putting him in his huge crib. Remember how tiny they looked the first time you put them in their crib?! Makes my heart hurt just […]

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First Day of School

Redshirting Your Kindergartner

I first heard the phase “redshirting your kindergartner” a few years ago while I was watching an episode of 60 Minutes. The story went into great detail on why parents did or did not choose to send their five-year-olds to kindergarten. Some parents who made the choice to hold their children back did it because they […]

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All the Mommas with their Busy Bags!

Busy Bag Exchange

One of the best parts of being a preschool mom has been meeting the others children’s moms!!  It is so nice to connect with other women in the same or similar life phase. We can share in the laughs, woes, and triumphs motherhood brings.   AND every once in a while, we actually get together […]

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