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fill your cup

The Empty Cup

Tonight, I was short with my boys. My mind is in a thousand places thinking about the neverending to-do list. I think that made the little irritating things they did multiply to something that drove me up the wall. My patience tank was empty, running on fumes, the indicator light had been on for quite […]

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Can We Talk About Mom Guilt?

Can we please have a conversation about #MomGuilt? Because in my experience, Mom Guilt is not a small thing. It’s a WHOLE THING! Just last week I had a friend ask me to please pray for her because she wasn’t able to watch her older daughter perform a solo in her dance competition due to […]

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As a Mama, I’m No Llama

Lately, the baby has been waking up before me in the morning, so, in order to manage my many morning tasks, I have been putting him in the exersaucer while I slip away to shower or finish my makeup.  If nobody else is awake, I turn on Netflix so he won’t feel alone. Netflix, in […]

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Setting the Tone

It’s 7 a.m. and I can hear the pitter patter of little feet running down the hall. Sigh. The day is beginning. From battles about how we’re wearing our hair, to running after a four year old to brush her teeth, the morning routine at our house can get a little- well, let’s just put […]

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winning and losing as a mom

How to Have a Winning Season as a Mom

Fall means one thing to my husband. Football. He is a die-hard Denver Broncos fanatic. He wants the Broncos to win. Always. Every game; every time. And because the kids and I love him, we want them to win too. But sometimes the Broncos lose. When they do, we are sad. At least the kids […]

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