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My Spring Wish List: Home and Fashion Finds

This winter has been a long 5 months of wanting to give everything in my house away and start over.

Maybe it’s my subconscious longing for springtime newness?

Maybe there’s too much time to read about capsule wardrobes and scroll through all the lovely little gallery walls and brightly decorated homes of Instagram? GUILTY.

My 4 year old started to think it was strange if there wasn’t a box to open when we got home and my husband was pretty annoyed with hearing “it was only [insert low dollar amount here]!” so it was best I reign in my winter shopping spree. 

spring wish list: home & fashion finds

Here are six things I refrained from buying this winter, but still admire from afar: 

  1. A simple Ikea duvet cover. Crisp gingham would really ring in spring. 
  2. A brand new bed, is that too much to ask? Answer: yes, yes it is. Also, this bed is velvet and beautiful and is not practical for this stage of life–the stage with baby barf and sticky fingers. 
  3. Sheep art. My dad raised sheep when I was young, and while they have a reputation of smelling bad and having bricks for brains, they have a special place in my heart. 
  4. A Stitch Fix. I was planning to lose the last ten pounds of baby weight, since my baby is almost 2, and a Stitch Fix was going to be my reward. Carbs, low levels of self control, and a 30-year-old metabolism got in the way, but I’m still giving myself this reward when the day truly comes. Did you see they now have Stitch Fix for men? 
  5.  Boyfriend jeans. But can we talk about these culottes for a second? Why are gauchos coming back? And why are they in jean form? Can anybody give me a straight answer to those questions? 
  6. Some new kicks. If I keep them in my Amazon cart long enough, my husband will accidentally buy them the next time he orders things for Thelma’s. (Bwahahahaha.)

Finally, I wish for SPRING to come so we can all get outside, soak in some vitamin D, and end this season of wanting for material things to fill the void that is winter.

What’s on your spring wish list?

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One Response to My Spring Wish List: Home and Fashion Finds

  1. Kara Knaack
    Kara Knaack March 8, 2017 at 3:27 am #

    I JUST bought myself some new (new to me) nike-newbalance tennies off of Ebay in which Lance said was weird. But hello, $40! And #birthdaymonth

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