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Slime: The Good, the Bad, and How to Fix It


Slime. The very word makes me cringe just a little.

When the slime craze first came out, I was intrigued. It is a kitchen science experiment that ends in a fun, gooey stress reliever. My daughter, too, jumped on board.

We ran to Target and found a few packages of ready-made slime. Seeing how much fun it was, I decided I was ready to take on the recipes and make our own.

And this is when my life changed forever.

We learned very quickly that in making slime, it is imperative to get the measurements of ingredients perfect. Otherwise, you end up with Nickelodeon-style slime that is too liquid to play with or putty-thick slime that doesn’t properly stretch.

So, how do you know what the perfect slime consistency should be?

Apparently, you watch hundreds of Youtube videos!

Having spent far too much time in front of the computer, my daughter knows exactly how stretchy and gooey her concoction should turn out. And, let me not surprise you when I say there is a reason we are not famous Youtube slime makers. Most of our slime making attempts resulted in meltdowns, sticky fingers, gooey carpet, and tears.

But, along with this journey, I learned a few things.

What I’ve Learned About Slime

The Good:

  • Store bought slime is pretty consistent. If all you need is a fun stress reliever, this is definitely the way to go.
  • Slime-making kits can be really neat. They come with measuring spoons and all the ingredients needed
  • Making slime with the kids is a great bonding activity
  • Kitchen experiments can be a great way to teach problem-solving and coping skills

The Bad:

  • When things go wrong, they can go very wrong and result in huge messes
  • Even if the slime is the “correct” consistency, it is a ticking time bomb hiding in your house just waiting for the perfect moment to stick to your carpet, sheets, or furniture
  • It can quickly turn a happy child into a growling monster

How to fix it:

If you have joined in the slime adventures, you know that even the most perfect of slimes end up losing their perfection from time to time. Through much trial and error and many hours in front of Youtube, I have discovered a few mom hacks that just might dry a few tears.

Slime Hacks

  • If the slime has lost its stretch, try placing it (in a container) on a heating vent for a few minutes. A warm sunny windowsill in the summer will work the same way and can be a storage location to keep the slime stretchy.
  • Add lotion! Adding lotion to rubbery slime can make it a little softer, fluffier, and scented
  • Know your activators. Saline solution and baking powder are your friends! If your homemade slime is too gooey, use baking powder to help it slide off your hands

Have you and your kids joined the slime craze? What are your favorite slime hacks?

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