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Six Types of Summer Moms

Six Types of Summer Moms | Des Moines Moms Blog

I never used to like summer. It’s too hot and definitely too humid for my taste. Plus, I’ve always been partial to sweaters, jeans, and boots, none of which really fly in the summer heat.

But, when my kids became school-aged, my dislike for summer started to change. In fact, summer’s come so far in my opinion that it’s now vying for the “#1 Season” spot in my heart.

For three months, I get to spend more time each day with my kids. No eight hours of school. No rushing around to activities. No schedules dictating where we have to be or what time we need to eat dinner. The pace slows down and my sanity level goes up.

Every mom approaches summer differently. I’m sure it’s based on her personality and the personalities of her kids. But, over the years I’ve observed six different types of Summer Moms. See if you can figure out which one you are!

The Organized Summer Mom

This mom started planning her summer back in February when she had the nanny lined up and the camp registrations completed. Chore sheets are her middle name. There is a daily schedule complete with tasks, fun activities, and regular bed times. Her family coasts through summer like a well-oiled machine. The Organized Summer Mom thrives on routine and knows too much free time could make the train run off the tracks.

The Laid-Back Summer Mom

On the other hand, the Laid-Back Summer Mom likes to go with the flow. Each day holds spontaneous fun with no pressure to make it happen. Wake times and bed times are great, but adjustable if she and her kids are enjoying themselves. This mom believes summer is the time to relax and throw the schedule out the window. Getting out of routine is a priority, and snacks, screen time, and sleepovers are all rewards. The Laid-Back Summer Mom thrives on flexibility and loves to be spontaneous.

The Adventurous Summer Mom

Bring on the bucket list! Adventurous Summer Mom loves to be on the go, and she enjoys introducing her kids to new experiences. With trips to favorite places like zoos, science centers, amusement parks, and pools mixed in with fun new destinations, her kids look forward to something exciting every day. This mom’s favorite Google search is “Top 10 Fun Things to Do with Your Kids This Summer,” and she aims to complete them all. The Adventurous Summer Mom thrives on getting out of the house to experience all her kids can see and do during these few, short months.

The Cool at the Pool Summer Mom

You can find this mom at the aquatic center, swimming pool, beach, or lake. She smells of sunscreen and sports a golden tan and sun-kissed locks. Cool at the Pool Summer Mom can find her kid among a sea of swimmers in three seconds flat and can identify his voice above the crowd and the roar of the waves. If her kids are young, she wades with them in the shallow area or catches them on the slide. But, if her kids are older, she’s reached the pinnacle of motherhood for this mom-type as she lounges on a beach chair reading a book or chatting with friends while her kids swim for hours on their own. The Cool at the Pool Summer Mom thrives on lazy, sunny days, SPF-50, and a good book.

The “Get Outside and Out of My Hair!” Summer Mom

This mom may start the summer as one of the above-mentioned, but after too much togetherness, she is ready for some peace and quiet. Video games, TV, and even books are off-limits as the kids are banished to the good, ol’ outdoors for some fresh air. The kids knock and knock, begging to be let in, but the “Get Outside and Out of My Hair!” Summer Mom is sure another 20 minutes is the solution she needs to keep from coming unglued. The “Get Outside and Out of My Hair!” Summer Mom thrives on time to herself, thanks God for her children’s neighborhood friends, and knows the dreaded Rainy Day is the enemy of her sanity.

The “Let’s Make Memories” Summer Mom

The “Let’s Make Memories” Summer Mom remembers her childhood summers with fondness and seeks to create the same memories with her kids. Quintessential summer activities like roasting marshmallows, catching fireflies, and lighting sparklers top the list along with vacations, roller coasters, and bar-be-ques. The “Let’s Make Memories” Summer Mom thrives on photo-taking and tries to get lost in the moment instead of letting the moment get lost on her.

So, which Summer Mom are you?

No matter the label, take these months to enjoy a break in the routine. I hope you have an organized, laid-back, adventuresome, cool, quiet, memorable summer!

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