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Shell Yeah! Design Tees for Awesomeness

We at Des Moines Moms Blog are all about fun graphic tees. Add a Des Moines mom and designer with a fresh attitude and a great sense of humor, you get Shell Yeah! Design by Shelly. We know by the end of this post, you’ll have fallen in love too with Shell Yeah! Design!

4 Reasons to Love Shell Yeah! Design

  1. Graphic apparel and goods that celebrates the coffee addicts, fitness lovers, tired mamas, and cheap wine connoisseurs. Shelly creates sassy graphic apparel and goodies that speak to your life in a way that’s as stylish and quirky as you! Her apparel celebrates women who embrace the mess of life and have fun doing it. Because ladies, you are perfectly un-average, and that’s just how we like you!
  2. Shelly is the local designer, wife, mom and dog mom behind Shell Yeah! Design. She’s a sassy extrovert spreading positive vibes, good design, and lots of high fives. Shelly is also the embodiment of the heart behind Shell Yeah! Design as a totally un-average female. She is self-described as “oddly tall, slightly loud, and a hugger.” You can find her wearing mostly black, crossfitting, head bopping to ’80s rock, and dancing awkwardly in moments when she shouldn’t. 

    Shell yeah!

    3. Oh, did we mention her fabulously stylish, slightly snarky, yet totally awesome graphic apparel and goodies? Shelly has something for everyone for the empowered woman, cool mom, or fitness-focused female. Shell Yeah! Design also has adorable mommy and me pairings. My personal favorite is “Strong as a Mother” with matching “Strong as my Mother” matching onesie.  

    shell yeah!

    4. Coupon code and giveaway! Have we convinced you that you need to join the rest of the world and get your own Shell Yeah! Design tee? Well, you can save 10% at checkout with the code “DMMB” through May 31. We’ve also paired up with Shell Yeah! Design for a t-shirt giveaway. Like Shell Yeah! Design on Facebook then pop on over to Des Moines Moms Blog Facebook page to enter the giveaway. Giveaway ends Tuesday May 8 at midnight. This giveaway is now closed. 

shell yeah!

Find and Connect with Shell Yeah! Design

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Wear your un-averageness with pride!

This sponsored post is done in collaboration with Shell Yeah! Design in exchange for services received. All opinions are our own.

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