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Radiance Restoration – dye your carpets back to life!

Life is messy.

Kids drop bowls of chocolate ice cream, clumsy dads knock over glasses of red wine, and pets track in mud from outside.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Both of my children have thought they were training for some sort of Olympic sippy cup throwing event, and I have a pet who has some sort of irritable stomach issue that only allows him to get sick on carpets and rugs.

So what do I do about all of these messes? Well, like all moms, I do the best with what I have. In this scenario, that includes Radiance Restoration. Radiance Restoration is a locally owned company that provides services to repair color damage due to pet stains, rust, spilled bleach, or other chemicals.

radiance restorationAbout Radiance Restoration

Radiance Restoration’s mission is to provide Iowa residents and businesses with cost-effective alternatives to replacing their carpets and rugs that have experienced color damage. They provide:

  • Bleach spot repair: Bleach, in any dilution, will remove color from carpets or rugs. Radiance Restoration can match and restore the spot to the original color. Dyeing is the solution!
  • Stubborn stain removal: Whether it is an unsightly pet stain or red juice or wine stain, they can remove the stains that a professional carpet cleaner are not able to due to the fact that color repair is often necessary. 
  • Create custom colors: Radiance Restoration can create custom colors to match your favorite sports teams, to match your favorite chair, or to match your favorite article of clothing.
  • Full-room dyeing: They can completely change the color of your carpet. You no longer have to live with outdated and ugly colors.
  • Color restoration on Persian and Oriental rugs: Radiance Restoration can beautifully restore color on antique rugs, Persian rugs, and Oriental rugs.

radiance restoration

Many people do not realize that carpet can be dyed, so they replace their carpet prematurely.

Radiance Restoration can restore the color of the carpet or rug saving the customer an average of 70%. They use dyes that are colorfast, non-toxic, odor free, and permanent for the life of the carpet. This means their dyeing process is safe for you, your children, and your pets! Radiance Restoration uses liquid dyes so there is no messy residue. Each job is unique and customized to your specific carpet color.

Radiance Restoration professional carpet and rug dyeing

What Others are Saying: 

Radiance Restoration recently completed a stain removal for a local hotel. Here is the General Manager’s comment: 

“Gina was very personable & thoroughly explained the process. She started & completed the work in great time!”

Meet the people behind Radiance Restoration

Kurt and Gina Johnson are the owners of Radiance Restoration. Gina is the mother to twin two year-old boys. She has an artistic background and an engineer’s point of view (prior to motherhood, she worked as an engineer for John Deere). She and her husband have a passion for helping others (Kurt is a teacher in Ankeny) so the business is a good fit for helping others and being creative! 

radiance restorationConnect

Email Radiance Restoration

(515) 326-0211

The next time you have an unimaginable stain or bleach spot on your carpet, all is not lost. Give Radiance Restoration a call and see if they can help!

This sponsored post is written in collaboration with Radiance Restoration.

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