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4 Reasons You Should Watch Fuller House (If You Haven’t Already)

Whatever happened to predictability?

Oh, how I can sing that song by heart. As a child, Full House was a staple. My childhood friends, Lynse and Chelsey, and I would watch, reenact, discuss who was the best uncle (Jesse) and which daughter had it worse (Stephanie, for sure!), and then we’d watch all over again.

So I, like many other girls my age, I’m sure, waited with great anticipation for the sequel, Fuller House, to hit Netflix the end of February. Seeing as I have no shame, I will let you know that I’ve already watched all 13 episodes. Some more than once. I laughed. I cried. I felt SO incredibly old. But I loved them. If you haven’t watched yet, here are four reasons why you should.

4 Reasons You Should Watch Fuller House | Des Moines Moms Blog

1. It’s nostalgic.

It’s like the smell of your grandma’s Chicken Noodle Soup, or a glass of cold lemonade on the porch on a late summer evening. The site of your favorite family, in your favorite house, makes you feel warm and cozy, and just goldarn happy. I was seriously contemplating locating my sleeping bag and my NKOTB nightgown, hopping on my bicycle, and riding down the street, ringing my friend’s doorbell and asking, “Want to have a sleepover?” It just hits a happy place.

2. Your kids can watch with you.

My eight-year-old even requested to watch the show. Considering all he and his brother ever want to watch is Pokemon, Digemon, or some other horribly annoying show ending in –mon, Fuller House is one show we can all watch together without at least one of us suffering. Family hug!

3. Good ol’ fashioned family fun.

Some of the “family” shows on TV today are filled with so much melodramatics that I am exhausted just by watching. Like the original, Fuller House is the everyday, the baby took all the toilet paper, the dog chewed through the couch, my big brother never lets me win, drama. It’s relatable. It’s corny. It’s enjoyable.

4. It’s funny.

Our favorite is the middle brother, Max. My boys laugh and laugh at everything he says. The story lines are simple, filled with squirt guns, Skittles, sandwiches, and skunks. Trust me, you’ll appreciate the cheesiness.

I hope you find some time to watch, enjoy, and message your childhood friends that you’re thinking about them!

Why did you watch Fuller House?

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