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Moana: A Soundtrack for Motherhood

Moana: A Soundtrack for MotherhoodOver spring break, our family met the newest Disney princess, Moana. We watched the movie each day of break, at least once. No shame. We loved it!

We started singing the songs while we we’re out and about, but we quickly realized we didn’t know all the words, so then we would YouTube the songs to watch and sing.

Tell us we aren’t the only weirdos strolling through Target singing “Make waaaayyy, Make waaaayy!” 

We were so excited when dad surprised us with the soundtrack and played it in the van for the first time. As I sat there listening to my kids sing-a-long…which for the 4 year old just sounds like he mumbles along ’til he remembers a word or two…I started to realize how the songs are eerily similar to the soundtrack of my motherhood journey. 

“Where You Are”

This song is about Moana wanting to be near the ocean, in the ocean, sailing the ocean, and her dad is showing her that the village needs her and she can’t leave.

Sometimes in motherhood, don’t we long to check out of our responsibilities for just a little while? But we are needed. We are loved. We are cherished…right where we are. This season of being needed can be so hard. Just like in the song– look for the goodness in your village. 

Moana: A Soundtrack for Motherhood“How Far I’ll Go”

Motherhood can seem so simple. “Everyone is doing it this way, so that must be the right way.” When really, motherhood is about the mother and how she plans to do it. There is nothing wrong with you for wanting to take a different path. Trust your gut. 

“You’re Welcome”

How many times a day do I say that phrase?? I know exactly how Maui feels! I could sing a whole song about all of the things I’ve done for these humans without a single thanks. But I do them because they love me. They really do. So, thank you, Disney, for making a peppy song for me to hum as I set lunch on the table, fold laundry, tie shoes, drive kids all around town, and more.


This is clearly me on date night. Shower, fix my hair, put on make up, wear my favorite jewelry, even paint my nails, if I’m lucky! When I’m holding my husband’s hand, and I’ve had time to get myself all “shiny” for our date, my confidence cannot be dimmed. 

Moana: A Soundtrack for Motherhood“I Am Moana”

We get lost in this role as “mom”. Between what others think we should do/how we should act and listening to our own doubts and fears. It’s real easy to do. Often, we need to remind ourselves who we are and what that means for this role. And, like my ten year old, shout it for everyone to hear. Be bold, be brave, be who you are meant to be. It’s ok for motherhood to shape and change you, but don’t lose your convictions or your zeal for life. 

“Know Who You Are”

This is the shortest song in the movie, also, my favorite. I like to sing it to myself when I feel my inner Te Ka coming out… When our emotions try to takeover our words and actions, we need to step back and remember who we truly are. 

“We Know the Way”

Lastly, the voyagers’ final song… We Know the Way. As seasoned mothers, it’s up to us to take other new mamas under our wings and to offer them grace, acceptance, and a listening ear. To not be fake, social media moms. To be authentic, genuine moms. Moms who mess up. Moms who are still struggling. Moms who love their kids even when they are being irrational lava monsters. 

Which Moana song can you relate to the most?

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  1. Jessie
    Jessie May 27, 2017 at 2:18 am #

    Love this post and love the movie. We have watched Moana at least 85 times.

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