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Why to Deliver your Baby at Mercy Medical Center

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deliver baby at Mercy Medical Center Des MoinesThe ideal birthing experience is highly variable. While one woman may want only her partner in the labor room with classical music in the background, and no pain medication, the next woman will want her entire family with her throughout labor, an epidural as soon as possible, and Jerry Springer blasting on the TV.

But, in the end, every woman wants the same thing: a healthy outcome for both herself and her baby.

labor and delivery mercy medical centerWe at Mercy agree. While doing our best to accommodate that ideal birthing experience for all, varied as it might be, our primary focus at Mercy is to create the safest place to have a baby in central Iowa. To that end, there is an abundance of work “behind the scenes” to ensure the healthy outcome for both moms and babies that we all strive for.

Why Choose Mercy to Deliver Your Baby

While this space does not allow me to share all of these efforts to ensure safety, I would like to highlight a few:

  • Mercy Medical Center has the only Obstetric Emergency Department in Iowa, where every patient is seen by an experienced and board certified Ob/Gyn physician within 30 minutes. These in-house physicians are also available 24-7 to attend obstetric emergencies in a more timely fashion than can be expected from a physician coming in from home.
  • Best practice protocols and order sets are in place to ensure expedited and consistent management for certain obstetric situations which pose a significant threat to the well-being of the mother and/or baby, such as hypertensive crisis and excessive vaginal bleeding after delivery.
  • Joint simulation drills with all obstetric staff are conducted regularly for varied obstetric emergencies so the response to these emergencies is coordinated, follows best practice protocols, and is effective.
  • Presence of a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with many years of experience caring for the sickest and smallest babies in central Iowa. I often refer to the NICU at Mercy as “Des Moines’ best-kept secret”, while in fact, it offers the widest range of pediatric subspecialty services in the region.

Fortunately for mothers having babies in central Iowa, and Des Moines specifically, you are lucky to have a choice of quality delivery facilities. While you consider your options, I would encourage you to look beyond what you may desire as your ideal birthing experience, and look at what that facility has in place just in case, Heaven forbid, complications arise, either for yourself, or your baby.

labor and delivery mercy medical centerWe take the safety of you and your baby seriously at Mercy, and whether it is keeping the hallways clear to minimize tripping and falls, to coordinating emergent availability of critical drugs with Pharmacy, we work at it every day.

About the Author, Dr. Neil Mandsager

Neil Mandsager, M.D., is a Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist with Perinatal Center of Iowa and Medical Director of Obstetric Services at Mercy Medical Center – Des Moines. Call (515) 643-6888 to schedule an appointment with Perinatal Center of Iowa.




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