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The App That’s Saving My Life and Keeping Me Connected To My Mom Friends

marco polo app for moms

My mom friends keep me sane, but when my schedule gets extra busy, unfortunately, the first thing to go are my walks, coffee dates, and girls’ nights out. That leaves me feeling disconnected and longing for the moments of encouragement, laughter, and venting those gatherings bring.

I’m always on the hunt for strategies and tools to keep connected to my friends. Lately I’ve been relying on the Marco Polo app. This app is seriously saving my life.marco polo app saving my life

Marco Polo is a video messaging app. Imagine if FaceTime and texting had a baby and named him Marco Polo. You record a video message on your own time, and your friend can watch it at her convenience.

No wringing your hands trying to schedule a time that works for everyone to FaceTime. No discriminating against your friends who don’t own an iPhone with FaceTime available – sorry!

And Marco Polo gives you all the convenience of texting, but with the added benefit of video. But, you might be asking, “Why is video better than texting?”

Have you ever had a funny story you couldn’t wait to tell your girlfriend, but it was too long and cumbersome to text out and you weren’t sure a text could even convey how HILARIOUS the situation was? Sure, you could actually CALL her, but who uses their phone for that? Marco Polo gives you the chance to tell that story with all the gusto it needs.

Plus, unlike FaceTime, Marco Polo lets you set up groups. So, you can tell the funny story once and share it with the whole group. Everyone is up to speed immediately and able to laugh and comment together. It’s the best of group texting, but now with video.

Now, I know some of you are thinking, “Ugh, video.” I know, I know. At first I was a little self-conscious, too. But, you quickly get past that for the all the fun and connection it brings into your life. I’ve Polo’d first thing in the morning, straight from the gym, and before bed with a facial mask on (lovely).

Most importantly, Marco Polo is keeping me current in my relationships. Rather than waiting two weeks until we can get together in person, I get to hear all the things right now. Rather than composing an entire text and waiting for my girlfriend to formulate her reply back, in mere minutes – Boom! Bam! – we’re all caught up.

I have friends who use Voxer (a voice messaging app), but there’s something about video that makes the communication even more intimate. (It could be the facial mask.) Seeing my friend’s face holding back tears as she asks for prayers, draws me in and connects me to her and the situation more than a text ever could. And while ideally this would a request shared in person, we’re both busy moms, and I’d rather get her request via video now than have her suffer alone for a week until we can get together.

This app is keeping me connected to my girlfriends, but it would be perfect for families, especially those with grandparents wanting to see and hear those grandkids. Show them the lipstick drawing Susie drew on your couch and let them cheer on Billy as he rides his two-wheeler for the first time.

Connection is crucial in this mom life, and Marco Polo will be your new best friend.  (Anyone else obsessed with this easy, fun means of communicating with friends?)

Note: Marco Polo doesn’t even know I exist. I’m just loving this app and want to share the love with my fellow mom friends.

Do you use Marco Polo? Or is there another app that’s saving your life? 

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