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Local Business Spotlight: Crystal Clear Bottled Water

Crystal Clear Water Logo Stacked BLUThe New Year is here which provides us all an opportunity for new beginnings and making positive changes for our families. Those detailed little lists of all of our resolutions are posted in visible locations reminding us of our convictions. Top resolutions include healthy eating, more frequent trips to the gym, achieving business and personal goals, and on and on.

One of my daily goals is to take better care of my family physically and ensure we are drinking enough water. Easier said than done.

Each day is full to the brim, so pausing to drink water is one of those things I rarely do myself, let alone ensure my babe is hydrated. I know its essential. I know our cells need it. But then reality happens and 30 things are happening at once and before I know it we’ve all had less than a few glasses of water that day.

It may have to do with my love/hate relationship: I dread carrying in the heavy packages of water bottles from the store with a child in tow. It never fails my arms are too full or one bottle falls out of the package and drops on my foot. I don’t like that Daddy gets pulled from playtime when he has to change filters in our reverse osmosis system (not to mention that requires me to remember to order filters). And we recycle, sure, but all that waste is just unnecessary not to mention my preference for drinking water out of actual glasses versus plastic bottles.

Our Recent Experience

crystal clear stock photoI was thrilled to learn more about local family owned and operated Crystal Clear Bottled Water at our New Moms Event in October. I happily took advantage of their special promotion for DMMB Readers. Since then, my outlook has changed.

Thanks to Crystal Clear, we now have amazing, pure, crisp, GOOD tasting water that is accessible at any time. In one phone call, we arranged for bottled water delivery service and I never have to think about it. We simply put empty bottles on the porch on delivery day, and whalaa…new ones appear. I call if we run out early and all is well. I don’t have to think, manage, or labor over our water source.

The nice looking stainless cooler sits right in the corner of our kitchen reminding us to drink up. And, I love that my daughter can independently get her own water and we can all work on positive health habits to last a lifetime.

The Importance of Quality Water

We all know that childhood obesity is on the rise. Juices, sodas, and other beverages are available everywhere, marketed heavily, and just as convenient if not more than drinking water.

The purity of water is a huge concern to me. Good tasting water is one thing, but drinking water free of additives, fluoride, and other chemicals is an entirely different issue.

In a recent study performed by Environmental Health Perspectives, it was concluded that higher water nitrate intake was associated with several birth defects in offspring.  It also found that there were associations in studies with Nitrate levels below 10ppm, which is the EPA regulated amount.  The 2012 Des Moines Water Works reported up to 8ppm nitrates in the water.  Crystal Clear water has zero nitrates.  Home reverse osmosis systems can reduce nitrates by around 75%, however, water filtration pitchers, faucet filtration systems, or refrigerator filters do NOT remove any nitrates or fluoride.

Here’s a little video highlighting reasons why many families are turning to residential water delivery:

Why Crystal Clear?

Crystal Clear Water began in Des Moines in 1975 and is still family owned and operated today.

Owner Ryan Heiken shares, “Our goal is to make great, pure water readily available at all times so that it is easy for your family to make the healthy, calorie free, choice.”

While they are mostly known for their 5 gallon bottled water delivery to home and office, they have expanded into office coffee service and water treatment systems.  Crystal Clear can treat all of the water in your home so that it is the best possible for your family.

A water treatment system can also reduce all soap usage in your home by 50%, half as much dishwasher detergent, half as much laundry detergent, and half as much shampoo with the same cleaning power. Ryan shares, “Whatever it is you want to improve about your water we can help.”

I will add that my experience with Crystal Clear has been absolutely easy and enjoyable. Their customer service has been remarkable and I love the email invoices which makes bill paying easy!

Connect with Crystal Clear Bottled Water & Promo Code

Crystal Clear Bottled Water Provides Water and Coffee Solutions for your home and office plus so much more.

Check out their resourceful website at Follow them on Facebook for current specials, information, resources and more.

Because you’re a DMMB Reader, you’re eligible for Crystal Clear’s new year promotion through January 31st:

You pay just $10 and you get three (3) – 5-gallon bottles of water and 1 month cooler rental free* with no contracts, no minimums and no delivery fees. You also get your choice of a blue or pink onesie, or a BPA-Free re-fillable water bottle. *If you don’t have room for a cooler they have other options available. 

Visit and sign up with Promo Code: DSMMOM or contact Ryan at 800-747-2324.

Please note: This post was written in exchange for water provided at our New Moms event. I was not paid for this post and all opinions expressed are my own. 

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3 Responses to Local Business Spotlight: Crystal Clear Bottled Water

  1. carrie January 8, 2014 at 4:01 pm #

    Providing pure, chemical-free water for my family sounds awesome – thanks for highlighting this company! Is there any concern about BPA in the water from the plastic containers, especially in the hot summer months where the bottles would inevitably get warm on the trucks?

  2. Ryan January 13, 2014 at 2:09 pm #

    I understand your concern, however, there is really no strong evidence that BPA poses a risk to human or fetal health. This was supported at last years American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting where top FDA researchers presented their latest research findings and studies from the EPA were previewed. We would continue to recommend that bottles are stored in a cool location, out of direct sunlight, the same precaution that we take from production to delivery at your door.
    However, we understand that some consumers still have concerns and therefore, we offer a BPA free 5 gallon bottle. We offer Mountain Valley Spring Water that comes in a 5 gallon glass bottle.


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