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Meet Jessie Todd

Hello! My name is Jessie Todd, and I’m so excited to be adding my voice to the chorus of dedicated writers on the Des Moines Moms Blog. A storyteller by nature, I love nothing more than communicating through narrative. Reading about other mom’s experiences on Des Moines Moms Blog helps me feel connected to our community and energized to face the daily challenges of motherhood. 

My husband and I met and married in Central Nebraska 13 years ago. He is originally from Colorado  and I grew up in Southeast Nebraska. As a die hard Denver Bronco’s fan from birth, my husband’s one marital requirement was that I convert as well. We moved to the Des Moines area for his job 9 years ago and have enjoyed raising our family here.

I have three beautiful children whose age’s span enough years that some may refer to them as age-gap siblings.

Leela, 12, is our passionate middle schooler. She devours books, loves drawing and writing stories, and really likes to have her own space in the basement in which to retreat from her younger siblings.

Cora, 7, is our creative fashionista. She fills our kitchen table with arts and crafts of all types, styles her hair and clothing with great precision, and spends as much time as our Iowa weather allows using her imagination playing in our back yard. 

Lincoln, 4, is our brave fighter. Diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer at the tender age of five months, Lincoln has spent almost his entire life either fighting against or living with the side effects of his disease. He loves to showcase his impressive knowledge about shapes and planets, create with play dough, and show off his impressive battle scars.  

I have worked as a teacher since I graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney in 2000.  I recently finished my master’s degree at Drake University and have transitioned into a full-time mentoring role in my district working with new teachers. I love collaborating with educators and pouring myself into the latest research on best practice while helping them grow and learn.

I enjoy date nights with my husband and am the first to plan or attend a girl’s night out. I like Netflix marathons with my family, balancing good eating choices with a healthy dose of junk food, working out (well, I’m learning to like working out), shopping, decorating, and spending money in general.

We are active in our church and work really hard to keep our family from being overly committed to outside activities in favor of movies with popcorn, family game nights, and trips to Nebraska and Colorado to visit extended family.  

I am a family picture fanatic! Much to my family’s chagrin, I make them dress up in matching outfits and smile for the camera at least one a year. Thankfully, one of my dearest friends is the owner of Sarah B Photography and she always captures our family perfectly. We were particularly excited to showcase our Denver Bronco’s Superbowl Championship shirts this year!

Going though a terrifying health event with my son opened my eyes to the power of community. We are the family we are today thanks to the concern, love, and support of those around us. It’s my privilege to share our family’s stories with you and learn more about this wonderful community along the way.

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  1. Joe weber January 7, 2017 at 2:48 am #

    That was great Jess! Loved hearing your story!

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