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You Know You’re From Iowa If…

You know you're from iowa if

Iowa is the Hawkeye state, the land of corn and pigs, and much more. Whether you have lived here your whole life or just moved here recently, there are some things that set Iowans apart from the rest of the country.

Here’s our list of things that distinguish you and your kids as being from Iowa or Des Moines: 

You have run the heat and air conditioning in the same week

You know what a Maid-Rite sandwich is

You run outside to watch the sky when the tornado sirens go off

You call carbonated beverages “pop”

You celebrate May Day (May 1) by leaving baskets of treats on your neighbors’ door steps

You go trick-or-treating on Beggar’s Night (October 30) instead of Halloween, and your kids have to tell a joke before they get candy

You have been known to put bacon on everything from ice cream to tacos

One of your first jobs was detasseling corn

Your childhood vacations included trips to Adventureland, Lake Okoboji, or The Iowa State Fair

You can’t imagine a summer without going to the Iowa State Fair to see the butter cow, eat fried food on a stick, and people watch. 

Your favorite movie is “Field of Dreams” 

You grew up in a house divided: Cyclone vs Hawkeyes. This was especially difficult during football season 

Sweet corn trucks also sell tomatoes, melon, and other summer produce

You have strong feelings about which tulip festival (Orange City vs Pella) is better.

You think bicycling across the state of Iowa in July sounds fun (RAGBRAI)

People assume if you live in Des Moines you either work in the financial or insurance industry.

You call an outdoor restroom a Kybo vs porta potty

When you travel outside of the Midwest and tell people where you’re from, they ask if you’re Amish, if you grow potatoes, or they refer to your home state as Ohio. 

If you cook food on a grill you call it a cook out or grill out rather than a barbecue

What would you add to the list? 

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