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Homemade Valentines: Melted Crayon Hearts + Printable!

homemade valentine melted heart crayons

How to make homemade valentine melted heart crayons

Every now and again I aspire to be a pinterest mom. It’s fleeting and far between, but occasionally I surprise myself!

Does anyone else inwardly groan when they think of class holiday parties and the knowledge their kids are going to get all hyped up on sugar?

I know my kids get plenty of sugar, so I wanted to go a different route for at least one holiday. When I whipped out these adorable homemade Valentine heart crayons for my son’s class, I was giving myself high-fives for the rest of the year.

Don’t get me wrong, Target is my BFF when it comes to things like this, but every once in awhile I get ambitious and actually execute something I’ve pinned on pinterest.

Trust me, you can do these easy homemade valentine melted heart crayons too!

What You Need

  • Crayons (a no-brainer)
  • Small heart-shaped silicon mold (I got mine at Wal-Mart in the Valentine’s section for a couple of bucks. Make sure it’s oven-safe)
  • Cardstock 


  1. Gather an assortment of crayons. This is an excellent chance to use up all those broken crayons you have lying around your house that drive you nuts. I did a Facebook call to all of my friends, begging them for their broken crayons, and they did not disappoint. Apparently ridding your house of broken crayons is a somewhat freeing exercise for all you type A moms 🙂
  2. Remove labels. Here’s a trick: soak them in water and the labels will melt right off.
  3. Break crayons up into small pieces that will fit in your heart mold.
  4. Fill up your heart molds with broken crayons. You can do similar colors or a mix of colors – creator’s choice!
  5. Bake at 250 degrees for 20 minutes
  6. Allow crayons to cool in molds completely before removing.  
  7. I made a quick Crayon Valentines printable reading “color your heart out valentine” using Canva, printed them at home, and taped my crayon heart on. To make it easy for you, I’ve added the printable below – all you have to do is click on the image below to download it!

homemade valentine melted heart crayons

Seriously, it was easy. The hardest part was finding enough broken crayons, but I’m confident you can do this too.

Homemade valentine melted heart crayons have never been so cute, cheap, and easy! 

homemade valentine melted heart crayons

Looking for more easy Valentine ideas? Check out these 10 easy Valentine Ideas that are mostly non-candy!

What are you doing this year for Valentines? Going the pinterest route or good ole Target? 


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    Lianna February 6, 2017 at 7:53 pm #

    Brilliant! Now to go find a heart mold… 🙂

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