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Easy and Affordable Holiday Place Settings

holiday place setting DIYThe holidays can be so fun, but also so stressful. Living in a Pinterest and Instagram world, we can see holiday tables people have spent hundreds of dollars making up and feel like maybe we’re falling short. Holidays aren’t about the looks, but about the people we spend time with.

That being said, I also have a child who LOVES to make things look beautiful! In his eyes, sometimes “beautiful” is an LOL Doll sticker on the bed post, so our ideas don’t always match up.

Easy Holiday Place Setting DIY

This year, I wanted to share an easy and affordable way to create a festive holiday place setting. It doesn’t have to be expensive (I got everything for this at Dollar Tree), and it doesn’t have to be complex. I wanted something cute that could be put together quickly, but that the kiddos could also help with. Here’s what I came up with!


Wide ribbon (the kind with the wire on the edges works best)

Faux leaves

Clothes pins


Thin tipped markers

Cut the ribbon into lengths about three times the width of your folded napkin.

Fold the ribbon around the napkin. If your ribbon has the wire on the edges it will easily stay in place.

Attach a faux leaf on top with a clothes pin.

holiday place setting DIY

Add your guests names to the clothes pin with marker. 

holiday place setting DIY

Set your table, and you’re good to go (no knife at this place because…. kids). 

This is a super easy idea that your kiddos can help with. It could also be adapted for any holiday or event with a seasonal ribbon, a heart, felt Easter Egg, sprig of greenery or another small seasonal item! 

Pro tip: If you want to keep everything simple. snag your plates, napkins, and cups from Dollar Tree too! They always have solid colors and usually have seasonal items as well like these Thanksgiving plates!

Do you like to do easy DIY projects for the holidays?

DIY holiday place setting


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