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haverlee photographyAt Des Moines Moms Blog, we love supporting local businesses, especially local mamas who are hustling to chase their dreams while raising kids. We have a soft spot for single moms and love doing anything we can to spread the word about what they are doing.

Haverlee (hay-verlee) is a single mama of three wild things, adventure seeker, and photographer. Her photography career was birthed from a lot of years of pain. She says, “the more difficult things became in my circumstances, the more I clung to small moments of beauty. When things felt dark, I tried to cling to light. And I could always find light in people and in nature.” Focusing on others instead of her own dark days brought Haverlee joy every time without fail. 

Haverlee always knew she was creative but it took her a while to find her niche. As she ventured further into photography, it felt like everything fell into place. It was as if she already knew the language, she just had to find the words.

Haverlee is passionate about people and their stories. She loves having a glimpse into someone’s heart and mind and many of her clients feel like friends by the end of a session. Haverlee’s goal is to draw out what it is you love about your partner, your child, or even yourself.

Each session is personal and important to her. She strives to make everyone comfortable in front of her lens and works with you to create natural, heartfelt images that represent whatever season of life you may be in.

Life is never a straight uphill climb. Those valleys are just as much a gift, if not more so. They stretch you and give you new eyes to see and softer hearts. Haverlee wants to capture whatever beauty and light there is in this season for you.

Family photo sessions

“Photographing children and families is truly where my passion lies. I LOVE kids! Your kids are not too loud, too wiggly, too wild, too shy, too fussy or too whiny. If they’re quiet, I’ll stay quiet. If they’re loud and silly, I’ll be silly too! I have loads of experience with kids and I’m excited to hang out with yours! All I ask is for you to stay relaxed and laugh it off and have fun! They’ll sense it the minute Mom and Dad are getting frustrated. I will capture so many great moments, despite the chaos!”

Now’s the time to start thinking about family photos for the holidays. Contact Haverlee to book your family session today!

DMMB teamWe were able to work with Haverlee to take team photos and headshots for our team at The Tea Room in downtown Des Moines. The results speak for themselves! Haverlee has a way of making her subjects comfortable in front of her camera and capturing your true personality. 

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