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If You Give a Family a Second Child…

if you give a family a second child des moines moms blog(told in the voice of the book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie)

If you give a family a second child, the first born will want an explanation of where it came from to go with it.

You’ll give her the bare basics of “when mommies and daddies fall in love”. 

Explaining it will remind you that you haven’t so much as kissed your husband in what seems like weeks. So during nap time you’ll want to slip into something a little more comfortable and interrupt your husband in his home office. 

‘Slipping’ into pre-baby lingerie feels more like a tugging match, and you’ll lose your desire to hit the sheets. So you’ll head for the treadmill.

Lacing up your shoes will remind you that your oldest just outgrew all of her shoes. You’ll pull out your iPad and after a few clicks Zappos will have new kicks on your front step tomorrow.

Thinking of the front step will remind you that you forgot to water the flowers. So you’ll fill the watering can.

The sound of the running water is so relaxing that you’ll decide to sneak in a quick bath.

Opening the linen closet will remind you that you haven’t done laundry for days. With no clean towels, you’ll decide not to take a bath.

So you’ll curl up in the window seat for a few quiet moments to read. Firing up your Kindle will jinx your luck and both kids will wake up from their naps.

You’ll take a deep breath and scoop both kids up in your arms. Snuggling your two kids will make the rest of the chaos melt away.

And chances are if you focus on the snuggles of the first and second kids instead of the chaos, someday you might want a third to go with it. 

Ovarian Cancer AwarenessJill Garton is wife to Tim and mom to daughter Gabryel and son Jack. Jill is an Endangered Species Biologist. Born and raised in small town central Iowa she graduated from Iowa State University before spreading her wings in Kansas City and Tucson. Upon starting her own family and her mom’s cancer diagnosis she returned to Iowa, the only place that ever really felt like home. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, shopping, bike rides and art projects with her kids, and sampling local restaurants on date nights with her husband.

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