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Father’s Day Gift Ideas + FREE Printable

father's day gift ideas for dadFather’s Day is just around the corner! Some dads are difficult to shop for – but we love them and still want to honor them on Father’s Day.

I explored gift ideas that other parents shared with me to help you honor the fathers in your life.

First, I encourage you to figure out what their love language is. My husband’s is in acts of service, so something as simple as filling the water in the Keurig is an act of love in his eyes. Mine is gifts. I enjoy getting a thoughtful gift that tells a story.

If you have little kids, it’s always fun to fill out a questionnaire about dad to give to him. Click here to download the one we created. 

When I asked parents to share the best gift they ever received as a father or gave to their fathers, I got a LONG list of ideas.

Here are few themes for father’s day gifts:


The most common answer I got was that fathers liked doing some sort of activity – with or without the children. Many dads like a golf day at a nicer course like Tournament Club of Iowa, or a weekend away with mom and no kids. Other dads said they enjoyed doing a project with their sons like planting a tree or installing a basketball hoop. You could also make coupons for date nights or nights out (but don’t forget they exist and find them 5 years later like we did).


Cookies, cakes, candies, smoked meats, muffins – you name it, that’s the way to some father’s hearts. We line up at Smokey D’s every Father’s Day right at 11 a.m., along with dozens of other dads (Smokey D’s said it’s their busiest day of the year). Baking a favorite treat can also be translated to an act of service.

Exactly what he wants

I personally am a firm believer in just asking each other what you want and not dancing around the “Oh, I don’t want anything” game. I am always honest about what I want and encourage that behavior in the rest of my family.

My dad is a mechanic and always asked for very specific tools. It saved him a trip to the store and it was something he really needed, so it made him happy. My husband really, really wanted a grill thermometer one year and he loved that gift. Many moms who I asked listed off similar specific tools, lawn trimmers, nose-hair trimmers (yes), socket sets, drill batteries, etc. If you want it to be a surprise, just listen to what projects he’s working on or wander around at the hardware store.

Take a seemingly simple gift idea like a wallet, a tie, or a beer stein and make it personal or special by customizing it with pictures of your kids on Shutterfly, or getting one handmade off Etsy.

Celebrate Dad

Find a unique way to celebrate that he is a father. One mom gets her husband and children a similar gift so they can share the excitement of a gift. For example, she got them all Captain America shirts one year, and hiking sticks another. This year, my husband doesn’t have anything in mind so I’ve decided to get him this print of the night sky on the day he became a father.

How do you like to celebrate the dads in your life? Leave gift ideas in the comments section below.

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