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Connecting Online – Facebook Communities I Love

facebook community groupsBeing part of a community is important as a mom and as a human being in general. I have found that outside of my ACTUAL community and network of friends, online communities via Facebook have been incredibly helpful. From being able to ask questions about a particular product or get support from like-minded people from across the world, certain Facebook groups can help me navigate through just about anything.

Here is a list of some of my favorite groups and why I am in them. 

**Disclaimer – my Facebook profile settings are pretty locked down. I don’t share a ton of personal details about myself and I rarely talk about my kids in specifics. With that said, online safety is still 100% on top of my mind whenever venturing outside of my close network. I would never engage in private conversations via messenger with anyone I didn’t know, and I would never meet up with someone I didn’t know. 

Instant Pot Community

Earlier this summer I bought an Instant Pot and fell in love it (another post for another day – but check out 5 Reasons I Love my Instant Pot, and this post with Instant Pot recipes!). There is a Facebook group completely dedicated to all things Instant Pot. I have been able to get ideas for accessories, recipes, what NOT to do, tips and tricks, and other valuable insight into my new pressure cooking kitchen appliance.

Recently I posted asking for assistance on something I couldn’t find on Google. Within minutes I had a reply to my answer – much quicker than digging through pages of Google. If you are an Instant Pot user, I suggest checking it out (as well as the Instant Pot recipe app!) 

Meg’sMiles Supporters

The running community is well known for being a tight knit group. About four years ago, a woman named Meg Menzies was hit and killed by an impaired driver while she and her husband were on a training run in Virginia. A group of runners showing support for the family and sharing stories about running safety grew from the East Coast across to the West Coast. Now throughout my Facebook feed I am met with encouragement from other runners showing their trainings, meeting up at various races across the country, and reminders of how to train safely. 

Healthy Habits Happy Moms

This online community for women was founded by a Des Moines local and fellow Central grad Annie Brees. It is a place for moms (and non-moms) to find a healthy balance between food and working out. The positive vibe I get from this group is amazing. The group is made up of women from all around the world who know food isn’t evil and balance is the key.

Since joining this group a year or so ago, I have started to build a better relationship with my own body image and mental mindset. HHHM also has a Balance 365 program, which I am enrolled in, to help de-program from a “diet-focused” frame of mind. The message Annie, Jennifer, and Lauren share is truly life changing, and if you take anything from this post, I encourage you to seek out and find HHHM.

Des Moines Moms Blog

How could I write a post for DMMB about online communities without mentioning our own Facebook page?? (Shameless plug, maybe….realistic mention definitely). If you are reading this, odds are you already know about our Facebook page and our Neighborhood groups. While I love connecting with people across the world and use Facebook for that, I also want to connect to my local mamas.

What are YOUR favorite Facebook or online communities? 

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