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What Would You Change About Yourself?

be a finisherJenny started it.

She signed up for our Takeover Tuesday, promptly introduced herself with a beautiful headshot. And then she did it. 

She posted the first honest thing I saw all day.

The one thing I kept coming back to. 

The one question that resonated in my head all day until I finally labeled it. 

She posted a brave, honest morning selfie with the words…

“Lest you should think it’s all headshots and butterflies over here, if I could change one thing about myself, I would make myself a morning person. I would joyfully rise each morning and have half the list finished before the children wake. What is one thing you would change about yourself? But be kind!

Being a morning person would be good, I guess. Maybe I could greet my children with more than a grunt and a raise of my coffee cup each morning. But if I could work on one aspect of my life, what would that be? It took some time to be honest with myself. To really truly dig deep and see what I would improve on. 

I would be a finisher. 

Not just a dreamer. Not just a starter. Not just a planner. A finisher. 

I would find something I would like to make or design or even write about. I would brainstorm ways to do it best. I would gather all of the pieces. And I would FINISH it. Not let it sit, collecting dust, in the back of my closet. 

finish what you startFor my birthday, my husband gave me one of the greatest birthday gifts. He let me dream, design, and purchase every piece of a home command center that I have talked about for years. YEARS, people!!

And then, he didn’t let the gift stop there. He took the time to give his input and graciously allowed me to make changes as he measured and drilled and hung every single piece. 

The best birthday present for me was becoming something I never thought I could be… a finisher. Next up, the living room! 

What would you change about yourself? 

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