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mom superpowers wonder woman

Mom: You Have Superpowers

  Whether you’ve been a mom for 1 week or 1,000 weeks, you already know this: You have superpowers. Oh, you might trick the people around you with your minivan-driving, yoga pants-wearing, soccer mom persona. But, underneath that alias lies a true marvel, complete with uncanny abilities and surprising feats of strengths and smarts. Maybe […]

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Going to the Emergency Room with Kids: What to expect in the ER

What to Expect When You Go to the ER

Hospitals, doctors, insurance, and all things medical are far from my forte, and well outside my comfort level, but after two trips to Blank Children’s Hospital’s ER and a full day at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital this past month, I’ve learned a few things about what to expect. Now that we are all […]

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Building Resiliency: Tips from a Mom and Therapist

Tips from A Mom and Therapist: Building Resiliency

Resiliency: “Our ability to bounce back, or our ability to overcome challenges. Resiliency is a powerful buffer to life stressors, mental health problems, and crises.” But how does one build resiliency? Are you just born with it? Or are there ways we can help our children build resiliency? While personality and temperament definitely play a […]

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Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen

Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen?

The first line of defense for your aches, pains and general unrest is the medicine cabinet. Once you start feeling under the weather, you pop a couple pills of acetaminophen or ibuprofen/naproxen. And before you know it — relief! It’s such a habitual reaction, that you probably don’t even think about your choice. You take […]

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racism in 2018

The Isolation of Racism

I’m 35 years old and I still have moments where I feel lonely as the only non-white person in the room. All in all, I’m pretty secure in who I am and confident about the person I have become. I’d like to believe my children are growing up in a time that is more open […]

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grandparent hangover surviving week after being with grandparents

How to Survive Grandparent Hangover

We just got back from a fun-filled week with my parents in sunny Arizona! It was as amazing as it sounds. It was a week full of inflatable floats big enough for snuggle sessions for the whole family. Candy whenever the kids wanted it, no early rushed mornings, late bedtimes, no meal planning or cooking […]

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top podcast recommendations for busy moms

10 Podcast Recommendations

I was super late to the podcast party when I first started listening to them last year (yes, I had to google how to listen to one on my phone!). Now they are my go-to dose of horizon-broadening on my way to pick my son up from school, or to play through Alexa while I […]

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exclusively pumping and tips if exclusive pumping is for you

Why I Exclusively Pump – and Pumping Tips for you

Of all topics about parenting, I was surprised that exclusive pumping gets the most blank stares or strongest reactions from fellow mothers. Exclusive pumping is breastfeeding without nursing. I only express my milk and don’t nurse. I explain it to mothers of all kinds, and the majority of the time the reply is, “That would […]

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