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strong girl

How to Raise a Strong Girl

At my daughter’s fifth birthday party she wore a Wonder Woman outfit and crown, proudly showing her friends the WW power X move. We had Wonder Woman herself come to the party (fun fact: she drives a van). At that party, my daughter was directing her friends around the park telling them what they would […]

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Parenting while Grieving a Parent

I have been a daddy’s girl my entire life. My dad was simply the best. He was there at every dance recital, for every heartbreak, for every big mistake, and sneaking out late. He taught me forgiveness and always shed a tear when apologizing after losing his cool, even though I always deserved worse punishment […]

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family dog

Our Dog Makes Us a Better Family

February 20, 2020, is national “love your pet day!” A “pet” is defined as a “domestic or tamed animal kept for companionship or pleasure” but for our family, our Black Lab Dakota exceeds the job of companionship and goes beyond the task of providing pleasure. She brings us joy, comfort, and protection. Her role extends […]

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Valentine's Day

The Importance of Valentine’s Day

I spend February predominately focused on a few things: chocolate, wine, scouring Amazon for the perfect last-minute gift, and hoping my husband thinks more Russell Stover and less Edible Arrangement. I fully understand Valentine’s Day is widely regarded as a Hallmark holiday, but to me, it’s one of the most important. It’s a holiday that’s […]

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Caucusing with Your Kids

In November, I wrote about why you should take your kids when you vote. With the Iowa caucuses days away, I wanted to bring you a sequel. In my voting piece, I encouraged you to research the candidates with your kids, take them with you, and review the results together. The same applies for caucusing […]

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