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4 Tips for Raising a Maker

4 Tips for Raising a Maker + YOXO Giveaway

We are living in an increasingly electronic world, and while that’s definitely not all “bad,” it does raise an issue that many of us parents are facing, and that is… raising kids who aren’t just sitting behind a screen and being entertained but who know how to MAKE fun. So today I want to share […]

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Holding a bird at the South Dakota Birding Festival

Backyard Bird Watching

Visiting my grandmother’s farm when she was alive was like walking into an aviary. She loved the birds that would visit her feeders. From the return of her spring robins, on to the bright summer hummingbirds, orioles, and finches, then the migrating fall birds that would rest overnight at her feeders before flying off again […]

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teaching kids about food pyramid

Focus on the Food Groups: A Visual Activity for Young Kids

If you are a mom to young kids, you know that most days feel like a snack free-for-all. Each day, I encourage my daughter to think of choices that include fruits, veggies, and protein rather than “snack” type foods. While we talk about it frequently, I wanted a visual way to demonstrate this to my daughter. I hoped an activity […]

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Rainbow Loom, Rubber Band Looming, Hand-On Activities for Kids

The Toy That “Bands” Our Kids Together

There’s a toy that’s taken the nation by storm. It’s in many of your houses (and scattered across many of your floors). It manifests in bracelets and rings and charms and figures—in just about anything the imagination of its user beholds. Do you know the item I’m talking about? If you don’t, you soon will. […]

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