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kid injuries

Sports Injuries and Kids

In the past two months, our family has been seriously injury-prone. My oldest son broke his collarbone riding a skateboard; my youngest son sprained his wrist playing soccer; and my daughter twisted her knee running cross country. After six x-rays, five doctor’s visits, two braces, a sling, and a splint, I’m now best friends with […]

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Do Your Kids Do Chores?

I would love to be the mom with a beautiful chore chart where kids have the same responsibilities every week, and are compensated in a fair and consistent manner. However, that is totally not who we are!   Kids and Chores Here is a look at how we handle chores in our house with my […]

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summer routine

Summer Routine for School Aged Kids

Summer is here and my boys are so excited for their summer of fun! This means endless video games, sleeping in, … Just Kidding! While our summers aren’t overly structured, we do have some general guidelines we’ve used for the past few years. Here are the basics for our summer routine.  Summer Routine: Mornings My […]

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gardening with kids

The Goddard School® Waukee: Gardening with Your Preschooler

This post was sponsored by The Goddard School® Waukee The Goddard School® of Waukee incorporates gardening into its daily curriculum for students twelve months through six years. We truly value the beauty of the gardening process as we guide children in planning, planting, watering, weeding, and maintaining different types of plants. Every child participates in gardening […]

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after school adventures

After-School Adventures

Before having kids, we did everything on the weekends: cleaning, laundry, going to new events, exploring new restaurants, parks, etc. The weekdays were for working, exercise, dinner, and relaxing. Ah … what a simple life it was. After having our first baby, the weeknight workload definitely increased. But we still saved almost everything for the weekends: […]

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