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Where’d You Get That? (Brass Armadillo Gift Edition)

brassarmadilloIt’s the most wonderful time of the year! I love Christmastime, don’t you?

My favorite part is the chance to focus on choosing the perfect gifts for the special people in my life. 

Come with me on a little journey to one of Des Moines’ retail gems–The Brass Armadillo.  

The Brass Armadillo is a great place to peruse as you search for thoughtful gifts for your friends, coworkers, sisters- and mothers-in-law, and maybe even the kids on your list. 

If you’re not familiar with the Brass Armadillo, let me explain. It’s an antique mall where individual vendors sell their wares. Each vendor has their own area along one of the many labeled “streets”. In all reality, it’s a flea market. There, I said it. But do not let the word “flea” deter you. I call it “Etsy in person” and you’ll soon see why.


These are just a few of my home-decorating finds from a recent trip.

An adorable, vintage globe ($25); some deer-head art for the rustic decorator in your life ($20); and these letter press letters reminiscent of those John and Sherry from Young House Love use to adorn their shelves (sorry, I didn’t get the price on these). 


There’s plenty of vintage charm for the kids, too. Do you know an American Girl enthusiast? He or she would LOVE this wicker doll loveseat and chair set ($14.99). There are also a bunch of vintage toys like this Cabbage Patch doll (no price on this, either). Cute earrings for tweens ($3). And these classic Little Golden books ($2). 


More home decor on Colorado Street! Here’s an adorable letter ($24); a throw pillow made from a chicken feed bag ($17); and a charming ornament for the traveler in your family ($3).


Last, but not least, there is always a wide variety of vintage dishes. Here’s a 30-piece set of Fiestaware in muted tones ($125). This would make a great gift for brides this Christmas, or the newly-graduated college student who’s ready to get rid of their plastic bowls. There is a lot of Corningware–you know, the white ceramic dishes with the blue floral design on the side? My mom had these growing up, and I think I’ll buy her a like-new one this Christmas (shhh, don’t tell!).

The Brass Armadillo is located at 701 NE 50th Ave, on the north side of I-80 in Des Moines.

Happy Giving!

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