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5 Boys Spring Fashion Must-Haves

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When it comes to style and shopping, I’ve always loved the “thrill of the hunt”. I lucked out to marry a guy who happens to appreciate a pulled-together look as well.

When we learned we were having a baby boy three years ago, I never did that thing that I think a lot of women secretly do where their visions of shopping for tutus and bows slowly slip away. I was so EXCITED to shop for and style this little man about to enter my world. Boys are SO much fun to dress — you just have to hunt a little bit harder!

I shop a variety of places (I’m a big fan of shopping small and local when I can) and I buy a range of price points. (I can justify some nicer buys here and there because I think in terms of “cost per wear”) And as briefly as kids wear things before they grow out of them, they’re HARD on stuff! Quality is a big checkbox on my list.

You can call me out on it — but my only real rule is that I don’t do characters (I know, I’m that mom!) but somehow, we get by with Superman only appearing on our yogurt. Keeping clothing simpler and avoiding really loud pieces in Crew’s closet actually helps me have more options with outfits and thus get more bang for the bucks I spend each season.

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Gearing up for warmer weather, I’ve pulled together a “must” list of boys spring fashion

1. The indestructible rain boot. Not just for rainy days, rubber boots are easy to clean up, fast to get on and off (independently!), and perfect from slushy winter through muddy spring. There are so many cute styles including these and these.

I’ve always been able to justify a pair of Hunter boots because Crew lives in them (tip: Nordstrom puts them on sale from time to time!) and they are so durable and hold their value if I ever chose to resell them. (There are entire Facebook groups dedicated to buying and reselling baby Hunters. It’s like a cult!)  

2. The not-too-dressy dress shirt. A must-have in Crew’s spring closet. Yes, it’s a great piece for Easter (zoom in on the one pictured above — it’s tiny bunnies. I die.), but I get SO much more mileage out of a button-down or collared shirt if I think beyond church. I opt for more relaxed materials in dress shirts (think soft linen, slub knit polos, etc) and if I can easily roll the sleeves as the temps heat up going into summer, that’s a plus. A rolled-sleeve button down is such an easy but pulled-together look with a pair of preppy shorts and a casual sandal or boat shoe.

3. The versatile (pull-on) chino short. I would like to know who these designers are that think the 5T and under size range is the optimum time in life to give shorts buttons and zippers to figure out, when all the kiddo wearing them is trying to do is get to the potty (independently) and on time. Similarly, if your kiddo is still in the diaper change stage, you want those suckers on and off easily!

I could kiss the people who pushed to make these and these happen. Just because a short is pull-on doesn’t mean it needs to have Under Armour splashed all over it, or be a pair of cut-off sweatpants. I love this style of shorts because they are so completely versatile. They are great with a pocket tee and a flip flop for preschool, or with the above-mentioned button down if you’re headed out to dinner.

4. The swim trunks he’ll live in all summer. We get a LOT of wear out of trunks between vacations, year-round swim lessons, and multiple days a week at the pool during the summer. So yes, I’m okay to step outside the Target price range on this one — remember, “cost per wear”! — for something worn SO. MUCH. I like to put Crew in something that not everyone else in our neighborhood is also wearing. I’m totally loving these and these.

5. All the clever tees. T-shirts, obviously. They get worn every day, and you need a zillion unless you want to do laundry twice a day. I have my eye on this one — anything made by Tea not only starts out soft, but gets more buttery with each wash (tip: Von Maur carries Tea and I often buy ahead a year on sale racks. Markdowns happen every Thursday, and FURTHER markdowns- sale going further on sale – are every Wednesday. You’re welcome.)

If solid/simple is more your game (or his), we love these for solid options (buy 3 or more at ANY time and you get a discount, but they go on sale regularly as well!) and this one is en route to my house I write this post.

What did I miss?! What are your boys spring fashion must-haves?

And bonus if you can shoot me links. 😉 #addtocart

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