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Boring and Glorious

For nearly a decade, all I have done is operate at 110%. Between surviving years of medical training, birthing and parenting, keeping my marriage and myself in tact, and relocating again and again, it’s been a lot.

I’m not complaining. I’m just being honest.

If you asked me to do it all again, I probably would.

But, this…this life right now…it’s mundane, it’s simple, and for the first time in a long time, it’s boring. Boring and glorious.

After moving back to Iowa last year, my husband and I both starting new jobs and our baby becoming a toddler, without even realizing it, we have found ourselves in the blissful state of predictability. We aren’t over scheduled or over obligated. There’s not a lot of randomness. Not a lot of unknowns. And I am relishing in this season.

I am enjoying the simple.

I love that things are slow. I like knowing that tomorrow I will wake up, make breakfast, head to work, come home, play with my son, make dinner, give him a bath, put him to bed, pick up the house, maybe watch Netflix or write, and then head to bed.

I like knowing that we have play dates twice a week, and that on Saturday’s and Sunday’s we run errands or discover a new park, or explore a festival downtown.

There was a time, not so long ago, where I would have shuddered if I read this.

I would have balked at the fact that I wasn’t moving a million miles an hour. That our lives weren’t constantly changing. That I didn’t have events every day of the week or my calendar wasn’t booked out for a month. I would have worried I was getting “boring” and irrelevant or that I probably wasn’t growing personally or professionally.

Life isn’t bad. It’s not dull. We are happy. We still have fun.

We make room for date nights and houseguests and time with friends. We can have an off week, but it doesn’t throw our entire life off the way it used to.

I haven’t lost my sense of adventure or given up on spontaneity, it’s more that I’ve found the beauty in things just being as is. I’ve learned to appreciate this moment in time. I know that soon enough life will change, something new will happen and we may have a new schedule or we may crave an adventure.

But today, this life, as simple and as boring as it may be, is really, really good.

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