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What would you change about yourself? be a finisher

What Would You Change About Yourself?

Jenny started it. She signed up for our Takeover Tuesday, promptly introduced herself with a beautiful headshot. And then she did it.  She posted the first honest thing I saw all day. The one thing I kept coming back to.  The one question that resonated in my head all day until I finally labeled it.  […]

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choose joy in motherhood

Choose Joy

Crayons. Everywhere. On the table, under the table, possibly a piece in her mouth. The resident toddler prefers them scattered everywhere. Perhaps that’s how she best creates.  A little voice at the side of my bed wakes me at 1:30 a.m. with a shakey “Mommy? I just threw up.” We stumble toward their bed to strip, […]

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reading books, book lovers

Fall in Love With Reading Again

School is back in session, and we are settling into new routines. It’s been all fun games of learning names and all the school rules, but soon, kids will have a few pieces of homework trickling home. Middle schoolers will have math (always math), fifth graders will have a project to research, and kindergartners will […]

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