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tips for toy purge

Tips For A Stress-Free Toy Purge

It’s an all too familiar situation. Your child just had a birthday and you’re silently weeping to yourself buried under a mountain of toys. Ok, that might be a bit over-dramatic (but maybe not). This was me after my 4-year-old’s birthday party. I became increasingly worried about our 6-month-old choking on all of those new […]

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father's day gift ideas for dad

Father’s Day Gift Ideas + FREE Printable

Father’s Day is just around the corner! Some dads are difficult to shop for – but we love them and still want to honor them on Father’s Day. I explored gift ideas that other parents shared with me to help you honor the fathers in your life. First, I encourage you to figure out what […]

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Des Moines pools

Beat the Heat! Guide to Des Moines Area Pools

Des Moines pools open June 2! If you’re heading to one of the Des Moines Area pools to cool off, here are some tips to give you that extra push into the deep end. Refuel If you’re staying for a long trip to the pool, pack waterproof sunscreen and snacks for break time, if the pool allows […]

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exclusively pumping and tips if exclusive pumping is for you

Why I Exclusively Pump – and Pumping Tips for you

Of all topics about parenting, I was surprised that exclusive pumping gets the most blank stares or strongest reactions from fellow mothers. Exclusive pumping is breastfeeding without nursing. I only express my milk and don’t nurse. I explain it to mothers of all kinds, and the majority of the time the reply is, “That would […]

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