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strong girl

How to Raise a Strong Girl

At my daughter’s fifth birthday party she wore a Wonder Woman outfit and crown, proudly showing her friends the WW power X move. We had Wonder Woman herself come to the party (fun fact: she drives a van). At that party, my daughter was directing her friends around the park telling them what they would […]

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Caucusing with Your Kids

In November, I wrote about why you should take your kids when you vote. With the Iowa caucuses days away, I wanted to bring you a sequel. In my voting piece, I encouraged you to research the candidates with your kids, take them with you, and review the results together. The same applies for caucusing […]

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Voting with Your Kids

Have you ever taken your children voting with you? If not, what was holding you back? Election Day is Tuesday, November 5 and I’m here to help you prepare you to vote – and to teach your children about the process. Kids and Voting Research together The website and their app are both exceptional […]

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Intrauterine Device (IUD) 101

After giving birth to my second child in 2018, I knew I was done. We may not be done growing our family (as we are considering adoption), but I made the personal choice to not go through pregnancy again. This brought me to a discussion with my partner and with my OBGYN about birth control. […]

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sell on poshmark

How to Make Money on Poshmark

I have been envious of my fellow warrior moms’ side hustles, so I set out this summer to start my own. I’ve always loved reselling. I grew up tagging along in antique stores and estate sales that my parents took me to, begging them to buy me a cute purse or necklace. Today, I love […]

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swimming pools in Des Moines

Guide to Des Moines Area Pools

Des Moines pools open June 1!  Before you head to one of the Des Moines Area pools to cool off, check out these tips. Refuel If you’re staying for a long trip to the pool, pack waterproof sunscreen and snacks for break time, if the pool allows outside snacks. Almost every pool listed below has a […]

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depression and mental health

I Treated My Depression Too Late

After I had my first child in 2014, I smiled all the time, and couldn’t sleep because I was so happy. Motherhood generally came easy to me. I was grateful that I didn’t have postpartum depression. My second child was born in January 2018, and I had a really rough year following his birth. Two […]

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